The Abyss Table by Duffy London is the Dopest You’ve Ever Seen

We just showed you some tables the other day that also have glass incorporated to mimic bodies of water.  Well, this Abyss Table takes it to another level.  Duffy London created this masterpiece that uses layers of wood & glass to recreate the depths of the ocean abyss.  Head here if you got some scrilla to drop.

The iZZi Slim Camera Case is the Perfect iPhone Photography Accessory

If you’re always trying to get the best possible photo for Instagram, or if your family has picked you as the dedicated family photographer, this iZZi Slim Camera Case is perfect for you.  The slim case features a built 4-in-1 lens system that features macro, 2x telephoto, 180-degree fisheye, and wide angle lenses.  You can grab one over on Amazon now.

40s & Shorties 2014 Summer “Gone Camping” Lookbook

40s & Shorties is following up their trip to the strip club with this new “Gone Camping” summer lookbook. Their new collection is their biggest yet featuring everything from red cups and bongs to illustrations of Easy-E. All of the socks are available in black, red, green, blue, brown, and white.

NightSUP is an Illuminated Paddleboard for your Night Ocean Adventures

Spend a lot of time out on the open water, but have to call it a day when the sun goes down?  No longer will that factor in with the NightSUP.  The “SUP” stands for stand-up paddleboard, and the coolest thing about this one is that it’s illuminated all the way around the bottom.  It’s perfect for going on late-night adventures with your friends.  Purchase info here.

These Wood Tables have Glass Rivers Flowing Through Them

Greg Klassen is a furniture maker who put together these amazing one-of-a-kind wood tables that feature glass rivers flowing through them.  There’s a range of tables from coffee tables to conference tables, but they are all equally dope.  Most of his current items are sold out, but there are still a few available over on his webshop.


The Beat-Shelf Is The Only Shelf You Should Own

If you’re in the market for shelving, look no further. The Beat-Shelf is the only shelf you should have in your home. Not only will it make for a unique addition to your home/office, it’s practical too. Dutch design studio Van Tjalle en Jasper created the shelf, which was inspired by the wave pattern of a heart beat.  It’s available in two different woods – American Walnut and European oak. 


Remember this World Cup Forever with Luis Suarez Bottle Opener

Just in case you live under a rock, Luis Suarez, who plays on the Uruguay team, bit a player during a World Cup match the other day.  There’s no doubt it will be a moment in history that won’t soon be forgotten.  One company has decided to capitalize on the moment with a Luis Suarez bottle opener.  Buy it here.


Giveaway: IGNOBLE Bags & Sneakhype Summer Travel Packs

You got some traveling coming up this Summer?  Just need some new travel gear?  Thanks to IGNOBLE Bags we have got you covered with our latest giveaway.  Check out the details below…

New Pieces from ‘Vitaly Design’ will Help Your Accessory Game Flourish

Based out of Toronto, Vitaly Design has been making amazing handcrafted jewelry since 2012.  Recently, they’ve added a ton of new pieces to their webshop, and they will definitely help you out if you’re slacking in the accessory department.  They offer a range of products from 2-finger rings to pendants.  Head to their website to check out their current offerings.


Make Your Own Waffle & French Toast Sticks with this Machine

Breakfast just got even better thanks to this machine.  Nostalgia Electronics makes this machine that allows you to make up to 5 waffle/french toast sticks at a time.  Includes 25 bamboo sticks, and it’s only $32.  Buy it here.

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‘I DRAW SHOES’ Helps you Practice Footwear Design & Concept Presentation

“I DRAW SHOES” is a new sketchbook that aims to be the ultimate tool for practicing the basics of footwear design.  The sketchbook is in iconic moleskin form.  The contents include global footwear industry manufacturers, reference tools, and commonly used perspectives and proportions, as well as 100+ pages of templates.  Purchase it here.

Optimus Prime Transformers Pen is the Dopest Writing Utensil

It’s always good to have an awesome pen/pencil to write with.  This Optimus Prime Transformers Pen is sure to grab some people’s attention, especially if you have it in action figure form.  Only slight downfall:  It costs $64.99.


These Translucent Time Tellers from Nixon are Incredibly Dope

Nixon just added a few new options in their Time Teller P model.  These particular colorways feature a translucent bezel & band that look amazing.  They’re available now on Nixon’s website for only $75.

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