lëkki Takes You Back to the Basics with Indestructible Nokia 3310

Tired of always being attached to your smartphone?  Tired of always breaking your smartphone?  lëkki might just have exactly what you need.  The company has remastered the iconic Nokia 3310 for you to start using.  Each one has been refurbished & repainted in technicolor fashion.  $112 and you can have one of the most trusty cell phones of all-time.  Head over to their online shop now.

This New Field Notes “Shelterwood” Notebook is Made From Real Wood

Field Notes just unveiled this brand new “Shelterwood” edition of their signature notebooks. The cover of the notebook is made from real American Cherry wood. The use of real wood guarantees that every book is unique. The pages are made from ultra-durable kraft paper, ensuring that they can withstand all of your adventures. Check out the video below to see how they are made. 


Google Unveils Its “Android” Wearable Technology

In Google’s quest to take over your life, they’ve introduced their latest piece of wearable Android technology entitled “Android Wear”. The smartwatch utilizes Google’s Android platform. It will provide users with message notifications, fitness updates, search capability and much more. To get a better idea of how the Google’s smartwatch will work check out the introductory videos below. 


Make your face into a stamp with STAMP YO FACE

Add some humor and a unique personal touch to your invites, thank you cards, or anything else… with a STAMP YO FACE portrait stamp of yourself. ($65)

Check Out The New “Lost In Paradise” Collection From Sprayground

Sprayground, a company known for their daring designs and high quality products, just released their Spring 2014 “Lost In Paradise” Collection. Staying true to the brand, The “Lost In Paradise” Collection maintains the motif of incorporating original designs, high levels of functionality, and unique fabrics.


The SlatePro Personal Tech Desk Is Designed To Keep You Organized

Keeping your desk organized is a daily struggle. But the SlatePro Personal Tech Desk aims to solve this ongoing problem. It was designed with all of your tech devices in mind. The premium bamboo desk features several docks to house all your tech devices, perforations for easily running wires through it, a built in mousepad, and even a cup holder for your coffee. They pretty much covered all the bases with this one.

Rolex-Inspired Speedometer Bracelets

It’s always good to have a solid accessory game, so we’re always looking for new brands with dope wrist candy.  These bangle bracelets from Speedometer were inspired by the iconic bezel on Rolex watches.  They have a ton of great colorways to choose from.  Head over to their website here.

Stinky Candles Will Have Your Room Smellin’ Just Right For Less Than $7

A candle that smells like gasoline?  Count me in.  Stinky Candles is having a store-wide sale right now, which makes all of their candles $6.80.  They have a great selection, although you might want to stay away from ones like “body odor.”  Head to their store to get some now.

Supreme x COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT – SA7100 Zip Wallet

This wallet is a part of this year’s Supreme & Comme des Garçons Shirt collaboration.  British GQ has deemed it a “must-buy”, so you know you need to have it.  It will release in Supreme LA, NY, London, and online, tomorrow, March 13th.

Cool Mogz Bruh ($25)

Step your mug game up with these dope coffee cups from the same people who brought you Cool Socks Bruh. You can choose from Cam’ron, ODB, and Micheal Jordan. 


OJOS Eyewear with Featured Hottie Kyra Santoro (33 photos)

Today we have the fabled double feature. To start off, we have OJOS eyewear‘s newest sunglasses collection, and then we wash it down with some down right sexy pics of featured hottie Kyra Santoro. (Hotties and cool glasses mmm.)

Herschel Supply Co. Spring 2014 “Pacific” Print Collection

Take a look at Hershcel Supply Co’s new “Pacific” print collection for Spring 2014. The collection consists of 7 bags in total including 2 backpacks, a duffle bag, and a laptop sleeve. Each bag is decorated with a fish print inspired by a vintage fish poster found at a local market. Whether you’re traveling the world or just heading to your favorite fishing spot, these bags will help you get there with all the necessary supplies. 

Lust Limited Money Band Collection

Take a look at Lust Ltd’s new Money Band Collection. It’s is available in two colorways (dark grey and gradient) and each piece is inscribed with rap lyrics that will inspire you to keep stacking your chips. The Money Bands are sold as a pair for only $10 bucks.

Bugatti Legends Series – Rembrandt Bugatti Edition

This Rembrandt Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is the fourth model in Bugatti’s six-part “Les Légendes de Bugatti” series. The ride pays homage to French artist Rembrandt Bugatti. Rembrandt was a world renowned sculptor who’s work has been incorporated into some of Bugatti’s most iconic cars. This special edition Bugatti features a 2-toned bronze paint job along with a 1,200 horsepower, 8-liter W16 engine that offers a top speed of 254 MPH. Like all the cars in this series, there will only be 3 of these made, and they will each carry a price tag of around $3 million.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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