Yoga Joes are a Different Take on those Classic Green Army Toys

Instead of the traditional G.I. Joes that are toting around military issue weaponry, Dan Abramson has created these new Yoga Joes.  That’s right, little green guys all in different yoga positions.  There’s only a little bit of time left on their Kickstarter.  Set of 6 available for $20, order here.

HUF & Keep A Breast Foundation Collaborate on Plant Life Socks

A product that HUF is well known for is there Plant Life socks.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HUF has teamed up with the Keep A Breast Foundation for these pink Plant Life socks.  HUF will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of these socks to the foundation.  Available on their shop for $12.00.

Introducing The Ostrich Pillow Mini

Some of you may remember the Ostrich Pillow that we featured a while ago. It now looks like Studio Banana Things, the creators of the Ostrich Pillow, are making a miniature version of the napping device. Like the original, the Ostrich Pillow Mini is designed to allow you to comfortably nap no matter where you are. Just slip the pillow on your hand or arm, lay down your head, and catch a couple Z’s. Just make sure your boss isn’t watching. 

Stash Your Condoms in Style with these Durex & AAPE Cases

You might be surprised to know it’s not safe to store your protection in that wallet of yours.  The good thing is that Durex & AAPE have teamed up for these stylish condom cases that are meant to bring awareness to World AIDS Day.  In Hong Kong you could grab these just about any convenience store for $8 (smaller version), or $20 (larger version).  If you’re in the US, you get the raw end because they’re going for about $50 on eBay.

fireSLEEVE Makes Your Bic a Waterproof Lighter

Anyone who regularly uses a lighter needs one of these.  Not only will the fireSLEEVE help you protect your Bic against water, but they have a built-in slot for you to put one on your keychain.  Extend the life of your Bic, and invest in a fireSLEEVE.  Order for $15 over on their Kickstarter.

Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4 Concept is Like a Prius on Steroids

Lamborghini showed up to the Paris Motor Show in style with this Asterion LPI 910-4 concept.  The Lamborghini Asterion is the first time we’ve seen the motor company experiment with electric power on their engine.  The electric power would allow the car to travel up to 31 miles.  The Asterion is still packing a 5.2 liter V10 that puts out 910 horsepower, so unfortunately gas mileage wouldn’t be like a Prius.  As of right now, it doesn’t look like there’s any plans of taking this to production, but it’s still pretty damn sweet to see a new concept from Lambo.

Skate Mental Biggie & Tupac “Hot Tub” Skateboard Decks

Skate Mental just released two new decks that feature Biggie & Pac chillin’ in hot tubs.  I know true skateboarders would scream at me for suggesting grabbing these to hang on your wall, but I think they would make a dope art piece.  Available on Skate Mental’s webstore for $49.99.  Check ‘em out here.

Limited Edition LEGO Moleskine Notebooks

Moleskine has made some of the best notebooks out there for quite some time now.  They’re no stranger to collaboration, and now they’ve hooked up with the one & only LEGO brand.  They have released several sizes of the notebooks, and they include some graphics, stickers, and history on LEGO.  Available here.

Show Some Character with the Mifland Weathered Patina Collection

Mifland just released their weathered patina collection that features 2 of the classic silhouettes that use a leather that already has a worn in look.  They age the leather by using a series of washing & drying the leather, over dyeing the leather, and sun fading.  Both bags are available now over on Mifland’s webstore.

Freshen up your Packages with Scented Duct Tape

The next time you go to mail a package, make the postal workers’ day by using these scented duct tapes.  I’m curious to know if the scent will last until your package gets where it’s going.  Every has uses for duct tape though, might as well be scented.  Order the different scents here.


Nixon Releases The Passport Watch in Stainless Steel

Nixon just released two versions of their new Passport Watch SS.  Both feature stainless steel, one in a gunmetal finish & the other a classic stainless steel.  Prices are $450 and $500.  Available now on Nixon’s website.  Order here.


Chargerito is the World’s Smallest Phone Charger

One of these days, cell phone makers will help us all out by making a phone with a much longer battery life.  Until then, we have accessories like the “Chargerito.”  The Chargerito is the world’s smallest cell phone charger, and it fits right on your keychain.  They have a micro USB version, as well as an Apple Lightning cable version.  Only $19, and available for pre-order here.

Explore The Ocean With This Transparent Kayak

I’ve never been kayaking, but if I were to go, I would be riding in this transparent bad boy. It allows you to enjoy the scenery around you as well as below you. Just don’t freak out when a shark swims underneath you.


Ride Some Waves with the Radinn Electric Wakeboard

Up until now, if you wanted to wakeboard, you had to be towed behind some sort of watercraft.  Well, Radinn has came in and changed the game with this electric wakeboard that is hand-controlled.  The main downfall to this wakeboard is that you’re not going to be able to do any sort of tricks off the wake of the boat you’re behind.  Having the freedom to just go out and sort of surf on your own is worth the sacrifice though.  Check out more info on their website here.

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