Hide your MacBook & iPad in these Rutledge BookBook Cases

Rutledge makes these MacBook & iPad cases that not only protect your precious Apple products, but can help you hide them as well.  Don’t like leaving your expensive electronics out when you leave the house?  Rutledge can help you conceal them with these cases that look like a book.  Their BookBook cases are made from premium leather, and no two cases look exactly alike.  They also feature a nice padded interior for optimum protection.  Available here starting at $79.99.

The most expensive and luxurious Range Rover ever

Sporting rifle maker, Holland & Holland has teamed up with Range Rover to make their most luxurious version to date.  The very limited Holland & Holland edition Range costs just a tad over $285,000.  To give the backseat a little more leg room, this edition is actually stretched a tad longer than normal Range Rovers.  Their plan is to only produce about 40 of these per year.


KILLSPENCER Makes the Most Expensive Mini Basketball Kit

This might not be the most expensive mini-basketball kit out there, but with the price tag of $795 for the backboard & another $300 for the basketball one can only assume that it holds the title.  KILLSPENCER is the brand that offers these luxury products that you would normally find for about a $20 spot at a toy store.  The difference is this kit offers a powder-coated black metal breakaway rim that’s mounted on a matte black & natural maple backboard.  The kicker is the leather net, which seems to be a first.  The basketball itself is also made from a black full grain leather.  Head over to KILLSPENCER’s online shop to pre-order yours.

Take a Look At Lust Limited’s New Fall 2014 Collection

Contemporary design company Lust Limited presents its new line up of unique jewelry and accessories that bridge the gap between sophistication and simplicity. The composition of the upcoming fall collection focuses on pairing metals and silicone into their design, continuing the growth and maturity of the brand.

Nike Air Max 90 Winter True Strapback Cap

Inspired by the backtab on the Air Max 90, this strapback hat was meant to keep you warm this winter with it’s wool/rayon blend that it uses.  The logo on the front would normally be found on the back of a Air Max 90 shoe from Nike, but it looks pretty solid as a hat accent.  It can be yours for $32.  Buy it here.

Arnette Eyewear Releases New Shades for Winter ’14

Arnette just released their lookbook for their Winter ’14/15 collection.  The collection introduces 4 new sunglass styles, and 5 new optical frames.  On this collection they combined inspiration from various walks of life, while focusing on clean lines with classic designs alongside iconic Arnette style.  The collection ranges from $70 to $130, and it’s available now here.


MB&F HM6 Space Pirate Watch is Very Odd-Looking

This is without a doubt one of the craziest looking watches you’ll lay eyes on.  The HM6 “Space Pirate Watch” is made by MB&F, and is inspired by the animated series from the 70s, Captain Future.  The face is made up of 5 individual domes which tell the time, and two of the domes feature vaned turbines that help absorb energy & reduce wear on the self-winding mechanisms.  Only 50 pieces will be available, but you probably won’t be able to purchase one since they are going to run $230,000.  Learn more here.


Protect Your Kicks with Jason Markk’s “Repel”

Well known sneaker cleaner brand, Jason Markk, has just unveiled a new item that’s meant to protect your sneakers from the filth out there with “Repel.”  The product creates a durable, breathable barrier that effectively repels liquids & stains.  Repel’s water-based formula is safe to use on all materials.  Available here for $17.

Ken Block Refurbished This 1965 Ford Mustang for “Gymkhana 7″

Ken Block looks to be preparing for the release of the 7th installment of his Gymkhana series. He recently unveiled the car he used in the upcoming video. It’s a completely refurbished 1965 Ford Mustang with 845 Horsepower that he named the “HOONICORN”. As you can see, the classic car got a pretty awesome makeover. You can see this thing in action when Gymkhana 7 is released, which is expected to be soon.

Introducing the 2015 Standard Memorandum by Word. Notebooks

For the new year, Word. Notebooks teamed up again with designer and illustrator Jon Contino to recreate a version of the storied pocket journal of the early 1900s. This follow-up to last year’s exceedingly popular creation will help you chronicle a year of your life. Just like the original, you simply jot down a line or two every day and are left with a memento you can save or pass down. It’s a year of your life on paper. Something you can look back on and reminisce over. Each Standard Memorandum is made in the USA and was inspired by Jon’s wife’s great-grandfather’s collection of pocket journals he discovered a few years back. Pick one up and get ready for 2015!


The Knockout Turns Every Bottle Into a Beer Bong

As I’ve grown older, I’ve gravitated away from canned beer. I’m sure many of our readers out there can relate. The only issue with bottled beer is that it can’t be shotgunned. The Knockout solves this problem. 

Take the Most Expensive Pictures with this 24K Gold Nikon from Brikk

24K gold, limited to 77 pieces, and it’s only $41,395.  What a steal this Nikon is.  Brikk is currently offering this Lux Nikon Kit that inlcudes a Nikon DF Camera, Nikkor 14-24MM f/2.8 lens, and more.  Apparently, research & development of this special project took around a year.  Definitely dope, but completely unnecessary.  Check it out here.

Lamps Made from Recycled Nintendo Consoles

I’m sure there’s no shortage of non-working game consoles out there.  In an attempt to give Nintendo consoles new life, Etsy seller, Woody6Switch, makes these lamps from video game parts and consoles.  The NES Power Glove is probably my favorite.  Head over to his store to check out these products and more.

Emoji Masks to Help Display Your Mood

It’s probably a little too late to get these for Halloween this year, but you might still be interested.  These Emoji Masks would make for a great gag gift, or if you really want to have some help displaying your current mood.  The poop one is definitely the best.  They’re either $5 a piece or you can buy the 5-pack for just $15.  Order here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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