Karl Lagerfeld Designs a $175,000 Louis Vuitton Punching Bag

The only person I can see owning this is Floyd Mayweather.  The set includes a classic punching bag wrapped in Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram print, a suitcase, and boxing gloves.  Only 25 will be available for purchase, but the price is set at a whopping $175,000.

Feed Your Inner Kid with this LEGO Ferrari F40 Set

Can’t afford a Ferrari just yet?  Keep something like this around for motivation.  There’s currently a campaign on LEGO Ideas to make this F40 set a reality.  Head here to support the project.

Bring the Sky Inside with this Cloud Lamp

In need of some dope interior lighting?  You should look into this Cloud Lamp made by Richard Clarkson.  The lamp is available in 2 different sizes, and prices start at $960. Order yours here.

Giant Soft Skull Chair is Perfect for Halloween

Everyone needs at least one dope chair in their dwelling.  Well, this one we have here is not only pretty damn dope, but a little creepy as well.  Given the current time of the year, I’d say it’s a sound investment at $420.  Order one for yourself here.

2015 Porsche 911 GTS to Hit Showroom Floors by Year End

Porsche has officially unveiled their 911 GTS for the 2015 model year.  Available in both coupe & cabriolet versions.  Prices will start at $114,200.  Each model is carrying the same 430 horsepower 3.8 liter flat six engine.  0-60 in just 3.8 seconds, and will top out around 188mph.

AMP iPhone Speaker Case Upgrades Your Phone’s Music

This AMP iPhone Speaker Case is full of features that are sure to help you get the most out of your phone’s music capabilities.  The case has 2 high-quality speakers that will help you provide better sounding audio when you’re at your next pre-game party.  One of the best feature of the case is that it will also increase your phone’s battery life by 25% so you can keep the party going longer.  Available in white or black for the iPhone 5/5s, 6, and 6 Plus, you can pre-order here for $69.


GoodWood Retro J’s Clock Tells You the Time in Style

Big fan of Jordan Brand?  You need this GoodWood Retro J’s clock as memorabilia then.  Using the Jordan models 1-12, this wooden clock displays the models in place of the standard clock numbers.  The clock is handmade from baltic birch plywood.  Order it here for $65.


Plastc Will Replace All Of Your Credit Cards

It’s time to get rid of that wallet you’ve been carrying around your entire life.


HTC Launches the RE Camera to Combat GoPro

HTC just unveiled their new RE Camera, which seems to be their answer to the almighty GoPro.  The RE Camera is meant to be a one-handed use, compact camera that uses intuitive design, cinematic features, and instant streaming & cloud back-up.  The camera specs include a 16 megapixel camera, and 1080p HD video recording, as well as Bluetooth 4.0.  However, my favorite feature is that it looks like a submarine periscope.  Pre-order it for $199 over at Best Buy.

Yoga Joes are a Different Take on those Classic Green Army Toys

Instead of the traditional G.I. Joes that are toting around military issue weaponry, Dan Abramson has created these new Yoga Joes.  That’s right, little green guys all in different yoga positions.  There’s only a little bit of time left on their Kickstarter.  Set of 6 available for $20, order here.

HUF & Keep A Breast Foundation Collaborate on Plant Life Socks

A product that HUF is well known for is there Plant Life socks.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HUF has teamed up with the Keep A Breast Foundation for these pink Plant Life socks.  HUF will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of these socks to the foundation.  Available on their shop for $12.00.

Introducing The Ostrich Pillow Mini

Some of you may remember the Ostrich Pillow that we featured a while ago. It now looks like Studio Banana Things, the creators of the Ostrich Pillow, are making a miniature version of the napping device. Like the original, the Ostrich Pillow Mini is designed to allow you to comfortably nap no matter where you are. Just slip the pillow on your hand or arm, lay down your head, and catch a couple Z’s. Just make sure your boss isn’t watching. 

Stash Your Condoms in Style with these Durex & AAPE Cases

You might be surprised to know it’s not safe to store your protection in that wallet of yours.  The good thing is that Durex & AAPE have teamed up for these stylish condom cases that are meant to bring awareness to World AIDS Day.  In Hong Kong you could grab these just about any convenience store for $8 (smaller version), or $20 (larger version).  If you’re in the US, you get the raw end because they’re going for about $50 on eBay.

fireSLEEVE Makes Your Bic a Waterproof Lighter

Anyone who regularly uses a lighter needs one of these.  Not only will the fireSLEEVE help you protect your Bic against water, but they have a built-in slot for you to put one on your keychain.  Extend the life of your Bic, and invest in a fireSLEEVE.  Order for $15 over on their Kickstarter.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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