Take a Nap at Work with this Inflatable Necktie

Genius.  You work hard, you spend a lot of time at the office, take a load off with this inflatable necktie.  That’s right, it’s a stylish, good-looking necktie that only requires a few pumps and it’s full of air & ready to rest on.  Plus, the silk and microfiber blend it’s made out of will make sure there’s no marks on your face after that quick power nap.  Buy it here.

Mark Your Future Destinations with this Cork Globe

Keep track of where you’ve been or where you want to go with this cork globe from Suck UK.  It is a full size globe made from cork and mounted on a stainless steel base.  Most globes hover right around this price, so an all-cork version for only $189 is a pretty solid deal.  Check it out here.


Ritot Projection Watch Just Became the Dopest Watch on the Market

Now this is what I’m talking about.  The Ritot Projection Watch recently hit IndieGOGO, and has already exceeded their $50,000 goal by 399%.  The watch itself is actually the first of it’s kind being a projection watch.  Not only can it project the time in 20 different colors onto your hand, but you can receive notifications for incoming calls, text messages, weather alerts, and much more.  You can dismiss those notifications with a simple shake of the wrist.  Other cool features include a wireless base charger & waterproof capability.  Head over to IndieGOGO to order yours now.


The Coolest Is The Ultimate Cooler

The Coolest is the cooler that has everything you need to keep the party going this summer. It has tons of added amenities you won’t find on any other cooler including a blender, bluetooth speaker, USB charger, waterproof light, bottle opener, and even a cutting board. The Coolest recently launched a Kickstarter with a goal of $50,000. There are 45 days left in their campaign and they’ve already raised close to $5 million dollars. It’s safe to say that The Coolest will be making its way to party near you. Head over to The Coolest Kickstarter to get your own. 

How Insane is this $1.5 Million 24K Solid Gold Godzilla Figure?

So, apparently it’s the 60th anniversary of Godzilla this year, and to celebrate someone tapped Japanese jewelry brand, Ginza Tanaka, to make this.  The figure only stands slightly over 9″ tall, but since it’s solid gold weighs a whopping 33 pounds.  I can’t see too many people purchasing this since it has an insane pricetag of $1.5 million.


R-KAID-R Limited Edition Portable Arcade System

If you’re lacking retro video games in your life, then you should check out this R-KAID-R system.  Made from solid wood, the R-KAID-R, is a portable arcade system that 14 different systems, including PS1, Nintendo, and Sega Genesis.  There’s 5 different wood options, and total their will only be 50 of these produced.  Head here for more info.


24K Gold Beats by Dre Headphones to Celebrate Germany’s World Cup Victory

Beats by Dre has decided to continue the shower of gold on the World Cup victor.  Not only is Germany going to be living Brazil with the FIFA World Cup trophy, but they’ll also receive a pair of these 24K gold headphones from Beats by Dre.

Recycled Cork Surfboards from Richpeoplethings

Any surfers in the building? You may want to think about replacing your current board with one of these surfboards made from recycled corks. The eco-friendly boards are constructed out of wine corks donated by volunteers. They are held together by a mix of beeswax and pine resin. Not only are they good for the environment, they look pretty cool too. The beeswax/pine resin creates a translucent coating that allows light to shine through the unique boards. It doesn’t matter how talented you are on the waves, these surfboards are guaranteed to turn some heads. 

The “Catena” Clock

After making an appearance in today’s Dopeness, this “Catena” (meaning: connected series or chain) clock by designer Andreas Dober has been a hot little potato.  Turns out, it’s available for purchase.


Jetsurf Just Became the Dopest Watersport

I have got to try this.  Jetsurf features a specially-developed two-stroke engine that has a max speed between 32-35 mph.  They have a couple different models available, and you can get all the info over on their website.

We Wish these Superhero Fragrances were a Real Thing

I really wish I could walk into Nordstrom’s today, and purchase one of these superhero fragrances.  You know that Captain America scent smells just like freshly-squeezed freedom.  These were designed by the digital design firm, Animink.  Which one would you buy?

Sneakhype X Lust Limited Summer Accessories Giveaway – UPDATE: Winner Announced!

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: The winner of the Lust Limited Giveaway is @ABEEEEEEL We’re giving away more FREE stuff! This time we’ve teamed up with our friends at Lust Limited. One lucky winner will receive a bracelet (or key ring, or iPhone decal) of his/her choice from Lust’s new summer collection. To get an idea of what you have a chance to win, check out Lust Limited’s Summer lookbook below.  

The Cash Cannon Helps you Make it Rain Even Easier

You ever get tired of making it rain with your hands while visiting your local adult entertainment club?  I know, I know, me too.  Well, The Cash Cannon is here to help.  Load this bad boy up & start spraying.  I know a couple people that this would be a dangerous weapon for, so use with caution.  Buy it here.


Hopefully These Awesome iPhone 6 Concepts are the Real Deal

I’ve been holding out for awhile now, waiting for the iPhone 6 to release instead of buying the 5s.  So far a lot of signs have pointed to Apple’s latest addition to the iPhone family hitting retailers in September.  These are some concept photos put together by designers, Tomas Moyano & Nicolas Aichino, look like they could definitely be the real thing.  Only time will tell what we’ll see, but let’s hope it’s a very similar variation of this.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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