Incase Monochrome Slider iPhone Cases

Incase just came out with these new Monochrome slider cases perfect for spring time. The new cases come in three colorways and they are available now at Incase’s online store. Hit the link for a closer look.

Supreme Spring/Summer 2010 Accessories

Supreme will seriously take just about anything and slap their logo on it….even nunchucks. Hit the link to check out the rest of their Spring/Summer accessories.

Stretch Bongo Headphones by WeSC

Sometimes I wish I was a hippie or a teenager, or better yet, a teenage hippie, so that I could get away with rockin gear like this.  If you fit the description and are in the market, you can pick these phones up here for $84.


The Most Advanced Goggles In The World

So Zeal Optics and Reco Instruments have developed these dope new goggles that feature an integrated “Head Mounted Display” system. Basically that means with the touch of a button a skier or snowboarder can pull up information like their speed, altitude, and GPS location which is displayed on the lens. Pretty sick. These are the type goggles James Bond wears when he hits the slopes. Check out a video and get the purchase info after the jump.



Clever.  Plugs into anything.  You can buy a pair of them here for 100. 

Crooks & Castles Spring 2010 Belts

A lot of people may overlook the belt but I consider it to be one of the most important parts of an outfit. If you’re like me you probably get laid just cause of your outfit on the regular and once you get these floozies home the last thing they see before you get down to business is the belt. Now the belt can say a lot about a man. It can say, “I’m successful and got style” or it can say, “I’m a loser and I don’t get laid regularly.” I know which impression my belt makes, do you?  Hit the link for more pictures.

Mishka Spring 2010 “Keep Watch” Backpack

With college graduation upon me, days are fast approaching in which I will no longer need a backpack for much other than a carry-on item when grabbing a “wanna get away” Southwest fare to Chi-town to hit up Niketown and big city strip clubs.  But I digress… These new Mishka packs are dope.  Sorry to blue-ball you, but you can’t buy them yet.  Source says they’ll available in “coming weeks”. 

Dog Butt Pencil Sharpener

It barks when you sharpen.  Seriously.  16 bucks.  Available in brown as well.  Get them here. 

Flip Book Sticky Notes

I feel like these would make good gifts for your mom.  They cost 3 dollars.  Watch the flippage:


GelaSkins iPhone/Laptop Skins – Frank Miller Series

GelaSkins just came out with some sick iPhone/Laptop Skins. The new Frank Miller series of iPhone/Laptop skins feature some dope graphics from the movies 300 and Sin City. For the most part putting a skin on your electrical devices is pretty lame unless of course it is a group of Spartans.  Take a closer look after the jump. 


Clock That Looks Like A Painting

It looks like a clock painted on a canvas… and it is.  But it’s also functional.  It’s really not that innovative, but I still want one.  And it’s only 35 bucks here. 

Top 10 Apple-Themed Products

Many of these products have already been feature here on the HYPE, but did a nice job compiling a list of some dope Mac accessories.

Uncommon x Black Scale – Customizable iPhone Cases

There are 3 simple designs that are dope as is, but you can also put your own spin on them with some customization options before it’s produced.  $40.  Design yours here. 

“Bone Chillers” Ice Tray

10 bucks at Amazon.  Almost as cool as the AK-47 Bullet Ice Tray.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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