Need To Get Off That YAAAK? Introducing iSnort.

  Here at SNEAKHYPE we NEVER condone the use of ANY drugs. Weed is cool, but all those other powdering substances and pills are BAD and can cause all sorts unwanted troubles and lead to bigger problems like addiction which is not so dope. Why do we do this? Not only is it a totally positive influence, but we also want to keep our journalistic integrity intact and keep on providing you with your daily dose of dopeness ALL day, EVERYday.  I am totally f&!(ing with you.  This ain’t no High Times but at the same time this ain’t Home & Garden.  On the real, all you cokeheads with an iPhone who are looking at SNEAKHYPE and are about to run out of coke listen up! I got the App for you.  Introducing iSnort, instant unlimited coke for only $4.99  How do you get it?  First. . . you gotta jailbreak  your iPhone. . . this might take a while . . .good thing that your coming down from that blow and wanna shoot yourself!  What else would you live for. Remember you only got 15 minutes. . . did you get figured out yet? Cha Ching. Now never run out of blow! If you are still having trouble downloading it to your iPhone. . . .you should probably… More →

Got That Mercede-Benz

The classic Mercedes-Benz 300SL first introduced in 1954 is getting a makeover this year.  The new 2009 Gullwing-America 300 SL Panamericana will feature the classic shape and design of the 300SL but will be geared towards the 21st century.   This Jame’s Bond like car will be modified by Arturo Alonso and his company, Gullwing America.  It will feature a red leather interior and will be available in black and white.  More pics after the jump. [thecoolhunter]

New For 3G iPhone – Incase Frame Case

Here is a new one from Incase. They combined the durability of a hard plastic case with the secure fit of their signature Protective color. They also come in three dope colorways. Get them here and check out more pictures after the jump.

Get Your Luggage Game Up

Play Cloths is getting ready to release some new items for their ’09 Summer line including this Back Pack and Duffle Bag. Both are constructed from ostrich leather and the black colorway looks real clean. Stay tuned for more info.


WeSC – The Sitar Headphones

New at Karmaloop for 110.  To buy them, click the ad in the right column of this page… that’s called an affiliate link.  What happens is: you click it, you buy the phones, and we get like 6 of your dollars.  And we put that towards a fund.  When the fund gets large enough, we go buy a case of Natty Light.  The cycle repeats. 

Kid Robot – Labbit Toy- 80′s Edition

Kidrobot just gave their signature Stogie Labbit toy a makeover adding some 80′s glasses and a clothes pins. Get it here.

A Bathing Ape – Baby Milo Candy

While your lookin’ fresh, you can now also eat fresh with these Baby Milo candies.  I’m trying to figure out what there going to taste like.  Guess i’ll just have to order some.  They are available now at select Bape retailers. [bapenerd]

Undeafeated iPhone Case

Making iPhone cases seems to be the cool thing to do these days. Here is Undefeated‘s version which looks pretty dope. They will be available at all Undefeated stores, including the online store, May 2nd. More Pictures after the jump.

Louis Vuitton Poker Set

The Louis Vuitton Poker Set. Stack that shit. [broccolicity]


The Sunken Tub

Dopest bath tub ever?  I think so.  The Sunken Tub by Italian designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for the KOS Italy.   This bath like pool is a part of the FARAWAY collection and includes illuminating stars and overspill collector.  More pics after the jump. [likecool]

Louis Vuitton Bill Clip

The Louis V Bill Clip Holds up to 30 bills(hundos only). Buy it here. [broccolicity]

A Bathing Ape x Medicom Toy 100% Bearbrick

Medicom Bearbrick Toy has hooked up with some of the top brands around the world so it’s no suprise that they hooked up with BAPE again.  They hooked up to make these limited edition A Bathing Ape x Medicom Toy 100% Bearbrick.  They come in all the freshest colors and are available now on the BAPE website. [hypebeast]

Cheap Monday – Clairvoyant Shades

Cheap Monday had a great idea too come out with a new line of dope shades that are not outrageously priced, our favorite of which can be seen above. Simply put the Clairvoyant Frame is one bad ass pair of sunglasses. Some of Cheap Mondays products are available now at Caliroots. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Von Zipper – Lucre Collezione

I may have just found a soon to be purchase for myself.  Summer time’s just creeping right up on us, and you always got to make sure you got the fly shades, but you also want something that no one else has.  These glasses from Von Zipper are the way to go.  You can check out some other looks after the jump as well as some other info.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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