Griffin – Woven iPhone Cases

iPhone accessory company, Griffin, hooked up with textile manufacturer Chilewich to make this remarkably unique case.  It features a hard shell that is backed with a vinyl weave.  When you put it all together you get a straight über bitchin head-turner.  Available at the Apple store for 39.95

Fight Club Soap

This would make for a gift. You can get a 2-pack of this for only 25 bucks and it is completely usable, although i would probably just save it. You can get it here.

Ambush X RSVP Gallery – Matte Black Pow Chains

Ambush and RSVP Gallery collaborated on these new blacked out “POW” chains. They are available exclusively at RSVP Gallery in limited quantities, you can order yours here. More pictures after the jump.


Incase iPad Accessories

With people linin’ up all over the nation to grab the recently released Apple iPad, companies are comin’ out with accessories by the boatload.  Incase has always been a brand that does Apple accessories perfectly, and they just dropped a whole collection of stuff for the iPad.  Check it all out after the jump.  All of these accessories are available for purchase at the Incase online store.

Ann-Sofie Back: Dripping Sunglasses

Sunglasses that appear to be dripping. Genius. They come in two colorways, black & red and are available now at Opening Ceremony. Hit the link to check out some more pictures.

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iPod Vibrator – OhMiBod

Yes that is a vibrator attached to an iPod, and yes it’s real.  And yes, there really is a great video of a chick pretending to pleasure herself after the next sentence.  And yes, you can actually buy them at the OhMiBod website.  

Incase – Topo Flex Snap Case

Incase just came out with a new version of their Topo Snap Case that is much more durable than previous model. The Topo pattern iPhone cases are probably my favorite out of Incases’s line but i wish they would have came out with some more colors for this new case. Take a closer look after the jump.  Available for $35 at the Incase online store.

Nerd Living Essentials

Ever wanted a set of coffee table coasters that look like iPhone app buttons or the Adobe Creative Suite icons?  A company called Meninos has got you covered.  They’ve got a whole line of products geared toward the nerds within us all.  Check out their online store for great gift ideas. 

Play Cloths Bags – Spring/Summer ’10

One of the best accessories to have besides hats or wristwear is definitely a dope bag of some sort.  Whether you prefer a duffle or backpack, Play Cloths has got you covered.  I love the print and colorways on these bad boys.  More looks after the jump.

Man Tool – Zippo Emergency Fire Starter

It’s that time of year again when the weather is clearing up, and every man’s inner Bear Grylls wants to come out.  Usually this Springtime urge manifests into a 1 or 2 night camping excursion with the dudes at the lake where you live off beer and whatever you brought to cook on the portable grill.  Now normally, you bring about a quart of lighter fluid and tons of fireworks, and have like 7 lighters being passed around to light cigs, joints, bowls, etc.  But there’s always the standout biggest wannabe-grown-man who brings the Man Tools.  In my group, it’s Willie.  McWillberson changed the whole camping game when he showed up at the lake with a legit machete and a frikkin hatchet a couple years back.  But I am now about to show his weak ass up by rollin to the camp site with this Zippo Emergency Fire Starter Kit. “The reliable flint wheel ignition easily lights the water-resistant waxed tinder sticks. And with a water-resistant O-ring seal built into the case, the contents stay dry.”  Baller.  20 bucks here.  Great birthday present. 

Disney/Pixar X Medicom Toy – BearBrick

Medicom Toy hooked up with Disney/Pixar for their latest collab for the Buzz Lightyear and Woody BearBricks.  These toys may provoke me to revisit my childhood and get back into action figures… probably not, but they are still definitely dope.  These will drop in August to go along with the release of the new Toy Story 3 (which hits theaters June 18th).

Incase Crystal Slider

With a high gloss and crystal flake finish, the new Crystal Slider from Incase is certainly targeted more toward ladies and bi-curious males.  Though, I would like to think that I have enough non-bi-curious fashion sense to rock the teal one on a sunny summer day.  No homo… not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Available at the Incase webstore for $35 in 4 colors. 

RSVP Gallery X Ambush – Glow In The Dark “Pow!” Chain

The “Pow” emblem has seemed to do nothing but grow in popularity and demand.  We now have a glow in the dark version of this chain that Ambush made in collaboration with RSVP.  These will be available exclusively at RSVP Gallery, and there is two different versions, one with a glow in the dark chain and one with a regular chain.

The Hundreds Magazine – Issue 02

The Hundreds just released their second issue of The Hundreds Magazine. This issue features cover girl Joy Bryant, P-Rod, Game, Erika Christensen, The Hundreds Spring 2010 Collection, Lupe Fiasco, and more. Plus the magazine comes package with a sticker sheet and a limited edition Supermax X The Hundreds bandanna. These are available at all Hundreds locations now. Hit the link to check out the bandanna.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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