Chanel – Sports and Lifestyle Collection

Chanel just released a new Lifestyle collection featuring skis, surf boards, fishing poles, tennis rackets, acoustic guitars and much more. No matter what sport you play you will always look cooler playing it with some Chanel gear. Check out the entire collection after the jump.

Gucci Goggles

You might think that these goggles are meant to keep your eyes warm on the slopes but if your a real baller you’ll cop ‘em just to rock at the clubs in Aspen. They only cost $195 bucks which is pretty reasonable for Gucci. These will be available this December at all Gucci stores including

Crooks & Castles Noriega Sunglasses

The Crooks continue to improve their collection accessories with these Noriega shades. These Italian made sunglasses feature an engraved script logo, gradient lenses, and come in three colorways matte black, metallic gold, and 187 red.

Elecom X Kiks TYO Headphones

Wow, i don’t know why they had to tease us with this sneak peak picture, but these headphones look crazy.  I like the way the look for sure, my only problem is earbuds like these don’t stay in my ear, so i’m not too happy that i won’t be able to rock these.  Classic elephant print just proves again that it will reign supreme as a design staple for years to come.  These are brought to you by the the Japanese brand Kiks TYO & Elecom.  We’ve yet to see a release date, but expect them soon.


Dope Lighting by YLighting

So sick.  This website only sells designer light fixtures.  They’re all available to buy, but you’re gonna have to be pretty loaded to afford these.  There are, however, a couple going for under a thousand bucks, so check em out. 

NES Controller Soap – Scent: Mountain Dew

OK the soap is cool, but forget about the soap for a minute.  What I want you to do, what I need you to do… I need you to click the image on your left to see the full page feature of this post.  You will, beneath these words, see some images of the soap.  All but one of the images make you want to buy the soap.  One of the images makes you want to vomit while simultaneously laughing hysterically.  Can you guess which one it is??  Aside from that pic though, the soap looks ballin… and it smells like Mountain Dew.  You can buy the soap here.

Incase – Perforated iPhone Snap Case

Incase, the protector of all Apple accessories, just came out with another new iPhone case. The snap case comes in black,white and magenta colorways and features a new perforated design. These are at the Incase online store. On a side note I hope that Incase  starts making some more cases for the iPod touch. They have tons of cases for the iPhone but i can’t find a decent one for the iPod. MP3 players need too look fresh too.

$4 Laces to Help Fight AIDS

Do your part by purchasing these shoe laces.  All the money goes toward fighting AIDS in Africa and finding a cure.  Buy them here.

alkr – iPhone Cases

“alkr” is a spankin-new brand that hit the market with laptop sleeves, and has now expanded their product line with this push of a sleek set of iPhone cases.  It seems as though they’re taking cues from Incase, in that they’re tailoring their Apple-complement products to be simple and elegant, yet offer a variety of fresh colors.  So far… so good.  You can buy these cases here. 

Salt & Pepper Bots by SUCK UK

You can’t be afraid of flavor man.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I can’t eat a large fry without like 18 packets of salt and 24 packets of pepper.  Naturally, I’m diggin these little salt n peppa bots that walk their little tummies full of goodness right over to your plate.  They’re “available soon” at SUCK UK. 

Urbanears “Plattan” Headphones

The Headhpone game has come a long way over the past few years. They have transformed from a simple product to a fashion accessory that can make or break your outfit and picking the right pair can be a hassle but luckily Urbanears has got you covered. Urbanears is fresh one the scene and lookin to take over the game. These new headphones are filled with all kinds dopeness and they have a more “grown-up” look to them unlike most Skull Candy heaphones which look like they are made for 16 year old girls. Hit the link to check out some more pictures.

TooFly – Freestyle Eco-Block Rings

Any of you ladies probably already know accessories are key to an entire outfit, even if it’s something as subtle as a finger piece.  These custom rings done by graffiti artist TooFly in collaboraton with Goodwood NYC are available for you females for $10.  Flashy, fly, and affordable, get ‘em while they’re hot.

Incase Chrome iPhone Cases

These are probably some of the best iPhone cases we have seen from Incase in awhile. I’m feelin the glossy finish. They are available in black, silver, copper, and gold through Apple Stores and the Incase online store.

Skullcandy NBA Series Headphones ($50)

Rep your squad with these fresh headphones from Scullcandy.  I’ve had one pair of Scullcandy’s, and I really like them, so the 50 dollar asking price is quite reasonable.  You can buy them here, and check out some more styles after the click. 

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