UNDFTD iPhone Case

Undefeated is releasing a new line of iPhone Cases this October. Coming in gold, silver, and blue colorways each cover features the UNDFTD logo on the back and “PLAY DIRTY” on the inside. These will drop October 10th at all Undefeated stores.

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10Deep Outsiders Knit Beanie

As part of the 1oDeep Fall 2 Delivery check out this Outsiders Knit Beanie is now available for purchase at BoundlessNY. The beanie is based off the well known Patagonia logo and comes in green, khaki, and black colorways for $37.99.  More pics after the jump.

Nike SB – Eugene Backpack – Blood Splatter

You may know that us here at the HYPE are all pretty big fans of the Eugene backpacks that Nike SB carries.  Well now we have another new colorway with the name of “Blood Splatter” and it is very sick to say the least.  It’s availabe now through RMK Store.  Make sure to check out some other looks after the jump.

Diamond Supply Co. X Matix Headphones Preview

Here is a little preview of an upcoming collaborative release from Diamond Supply Co. They hooked up with Matix on these dizzy dope head phones. No word on the release date yet but we will keep you posted.

Eric Koston X Oakley Collection

The legendary skater and street wear enthusiast, Eric Koston, has been working with Oakley on a new collaborative collection which is finally available for purchase. The collection consists of two backpacks, a blacked out Number 2 Pencil, and some black wood grain Oakley Frogskins. The bags are available now in limited numbers at theberrics.com, Commonwealth, Primative and In4mation with a worldwide release scheduled for November 1st, 2009. Hit the link to see the entire collection.


Real Ass Batmobile (+ Video)

Holy shit… it actually exists.  Apparently some dudes spent over a million bones, three and half years, and 200,000 labor hours revamping a 1973 Lincoln Continental.  I would say it was worth every penny and each drop of sweat.  Check out more pics and a walk-around video: 

E-Wolf E2 Electric Supercar (536 horsepower)

It might cost like a bagillion dollars, but think of the money you could save at the pump!  Check out the specs on this bad bitch: 

Krink 8 Liter Applicator Now Available

Ever feel the need to spray down an entire room with Krinks Made-in-USA ink? Well your in luck. Krink is releasing a limited run of these fully functional 8 Liter applicator. Only 20 of these will be released and each one is signed. Check out Krink for more info. Hit the link for more pics Via Highsnob


LEGO Electronics

You can buy all this stuff here.  I’d probably roll with the blue boombox you’ll see after the jump.  Peep it: 

This is the inside of a Mercedes van

Check out the 2010 Brabus Mercedes Benz Viano Lounge van.  It’s basically just a super pimp office on wheels. 


Just when you thought there couldn’t be anymore iPhone/iPod peripherals… here comes the notePod.  You can get a 3-pack for 18 bucks here.  Or you could buy a regular notepad for 76 cents.  Your call. 

A Must-Have For The True Badass

Last December, I gave my father a hatchet and a machete for Christmas.  He looked at me like, “Son, WTF is this shit?”  Regardless, all I know is that if someone were to give me this knife as a gift, it would bring tears to my eyes, and a bond between myself and the gift-giver would become eternal.  This thing is specifically designed to pry open doors, bash out windows, lift nails, cut cables, and give its bearer 62 manliness points.  The blade is just shy of 8 inches long, and screams “Balllllllin.”  90 bucks on Amazon. 

Sabre Fall ’09 Collection

You’ve seen Lil’ Wayne rockin’ em.  You’ve probably seen a good amount of other people rockin’ them as well.  Sabre seems to have blown up out of nowhere in my opinion.  Well there droppin’ some of there new collection for fall this year.  These are available at select retailers currently, but look for them to become more available as fall continues to draw closer.  Take a look at the rest of the shades after the jump.


Kidrobot miniTotem Dopplegangers

I am going to buy 3 of these and put them in my fish tank.  Actually, I probably won’t… but that would be sick.  My fish tank’s dopeness is already unparalleled.  But Kidrobot vinyl would just put it over the top.  They’re only 5 bucks a pop.  Cute little shitters, aren’t they?  You can pick them up here at the Kidrobot store. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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