Ballinest Motorcycles Ever (+ video)

Have you ever seen a more bitchin bike?  No.  The answer is: no, you haven’t.  I would just run right over people on the sidewalk with this thing.  Check out the Raging Bull:


Elephant Print Suspenders

Daaaaamn, those are some nice um…suspenders. I gotta get my hands on a pair of those. Hit the link for more pictures.

Lady Gaga & P. Diddy X Beats By Dr. Dre

Headlining the Beats by Dre’s latest projects is Lady Gaga alongside the PRODUCT (RED) initiative as well as a pair of special headphones crafted in conjunction with Hip-Hop mogul P. Diddy. The lines both combine sophisticated construction and advanced sonic technologies to deliver the power, extra durability and sound isolation that until now has been lacking in professional headphones. Further information on both upcoming releases can be found through the Beats by Dr. Dre website. Hit the link for more pictures.

Death To Booty

I’m an ass-man.  Consequently, the advent of the Booty Pop comes as a tragedy for yours truly, and ass-men everywhere.  What a terrible misfortune it would be if you took a girl home, and not only learned that her ass wasn’t half the ass you thought it was, but that you also took home a girl fake enough to actually rock a Booty Pop.  What a skank bitch.  Here’s the secret, fellas: there is no substitute, nor will there ever be any substitute for… THE JIGGLE.  You gots to have the bounce, ladies.  You gotta have that natural ripple — that natural give-n-take — that a quality ass will showcase upon receiving a well placed spanking.  The Booty Pop presents a sad day for ass-men, indeed, but perhaps this is a blessing in disguise… perhaps this will separate the ass-men from the ass-boys.  An ass-boy will see a Booty Popped ass and say, “Oh yeah bros, check out that tight rear.  I’m bout to spizzy spank that shit… chyeeeaaah.”  But an ass-man, on the other hand, will immediately dismiss a Booty Popped ass as a counterfeit, and wait for a real woman.  Stay thirsty my friends. 

Design Your Own Dope iPhone Case

This thing is frikkin awesome.  I made the sickest iPhone case I’ve ever seen in like 14 seconds.  And you can too.  Check out my design after the jump, and design and purchase your own (for $40… not too bad) right here.  

Nixon – The Private SS Black Series

Nixon just released a few new timepieces that will elevate anyone’s watch game for a reasonable price. They cost about $130 bucks and come in a couple different colorways. Hit up now Nixon now to cop yours and check out some more pictures after the jump. 

New Mosley Tribes Shades

The sun shining on all this snow on the ground is bright as shit, and I really need some UVA, as well as, some UVBizzy protection for my precious honey brown irises.  I don’t even know if these sunglasses are all that new, but Mosley Tribes always brings the fire.  They’re really expensive, but if you’re NOT like every girl who’s like “omg like i CANNOT buy expensive sunglasses because like i break like every pair that i have ever owned. it’s like i’m cursed by the sunglasses god lolz.”… yeah if you’re not like the aforementioned, get yourself some quality Mosley Tribes here. 

Nike SB – Backpack Canvas Dark Grey

OK… I’ll admit it.  I don’t skate.  And I love Nike SB… so much.  And maybe that’s why some real skaters don’t like SB… because “posers” like myself are all into it.  Aright listen up haters — I don’t pretend to skate.  I just pretend to look good — and Nike SB allows me to do that.  If you wanna look good and skate, that’s your choice.  I like to look good and sit behind a computer most of the day, and occasionally attend tittie bars and drink chocolate martinis… while wearing Nike SB.  Yes, chocolate martinis are questionably gay… but they’re also delicious.  So why don’t you go grind your rails and pop shove it up your ass because I’m not cool, and you can better associate with Rob Dyrdek and others on Fantasy Factory.  I’m sorry.  I like cool things, and I concede that you may be cooler than me.  I’m just trying to be cool like you.  You can buy this backpack here. 

Pistol Tequila ($29)

It’s a shot of tequila.  Get it?  I often pop bottles, and now it has become possible to pop a cap in the ass of whomever I chose with this Hijos De Villa Pistol Reposado Tequila bottle.  Even though it’s reasonably priced at under 30 bucks (you can purchase it here), I’m not sure I would buy this simply because I could predict with near certainty that my friend Tom would put it in his belt tryin to act hard, and while dancing in a fit of anger after being schooled by me and PG in a game of beer pong, the bottle would shatter in his pants.  Then he’d probably act like it was my fault and come at me with his Jew fists of fury and beat my ass.  

Nike SB x Fluff – 600 Page Book

European skate magazine, Fluff, hooked up with Nike SB to create “he dizzying highs and embarrassing lows” of 117 european Nike SB riders on 19 tours shot by 1 photographer and documented in a 600 page book.  It is said to be available at all European SB dealers, but I wouldn’t know because I live in the stizzy states.  Anyone Sneakhypers seen it in person?  Check out the pretty dope Fluff x SB website (takes a minute to load) here.  

Ping Pong/Conference/Beer Pong Table

Not only is this one of the dopest ping pong/beer pong tables you will ever find it also doubles as a pretty sweet conference table too. Table&Tennis was an idea to merge beautiful design, with a conference / dining table and build it to the official specs of a ping pong table. It’s built so that it can transition simply and instantly between the different uses. We’re getting one of these put in the SNEAKHYPE office first thing on Monday.

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Nike SB – January 2010 Product & Footwear Releases

Mmm mmm mmm… Happy New Year from Nike SB to you.  I am really diggin the crewnecks and flannel in this lineup.  Hit the click to check out all 23 product images.  None of the kicks are really jumpin’ out at me… probably just because they didn’t drop any new Air Classics or Zoom TRE A.D.’s though. 

Black Label X Jagermeister

With Jager bombs being in my top 3 favorite alcoholic beverages, and possibly even being numero uno, this board is a must have.  Black Label hooked up with Jager for this deck, limited to only 200 produced.  The hard part is going to be that they won’t even be in stores, you’ll have to look for the Jager girls out  on the bar scene.  Which i would find to be a fun task, hit the bar, take some Jager bombs, win a Jager skateboard, and then skate your way home with a Jager girl on your back.  Mission will be in effect later this evening.

Ban.Do Accessories

Headbands, belts, corsages, definitely three items that are a must for any ladies wardrobe.  I don’t necessarily care about the belts or corsages, but there’s something about a chick wearing a headband that just ignites my fire.  Anyways, this line was created by two LA stylists, and you can check out some more items over at their website.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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