The Hundreds Magazine – Issue 02

The Hundreds just released their second issue of The Hundreds Magazine. This issue features cover girl Joy Bryant, P-Rod, Game, Erika Christensen, The Hundreds Spring 2010 Collection, Lupe Fiasco, and more. Plus the magazine comes package with a sticker sheet and a limited edition Supermax X The Hundreds bandanna. These are available at all Hundreds locations now. Hit the link to check out the bandanna.

Headphones by MUSE

Any accessory that you wear nearly every day is certainly one that you need to give careful consideration to, and perhaps one that needs updating.  MUSE has a nice lineup.  Check out my faves after the click.  All are available for purchase online. 

Skeleton Bike

March Madness is on.  No one is going to read this — and I only have the 90 seconds until CBS comes back from commercial break.  Here’s a cool bike by artist Eric Tryon. 

Buy These Pens

Have you ever dreamed of a living in a world that only uses environmentally conscious writing utensils?  Well I have dreamed that dream and now that dream is coming true — introducing the DBA 98% Biodegradable Pens.  The video makes you never want to use a different pen ever again.  Pack of 3 costs 8 bucks here. 

BAPE Chopsticks

Introducing the BAPE chopsticks. BAPE has been releasing some interesting lifestyle products lately but these are the first eating utensil’s. I really want to get a pair of these but it looks like they are only available in Japan. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

SUPER 2010 Summer Collection

Italian eye wear brand Super just unveiled their summer collection. The new collection looks pretty solid as usual. It it is made up of of 8 styles all coming in a bunch of different colorways. Take a closer look after the jump.

Ambush – Giant POW Necklace

You may have seen the ‘POW’ necklaces that Big Sean got awhile back.  Definitely dope, but if you want to stand out a little more this would be the one for you.  No word on when or if this will be released, we’ll keep you posted.

iPhone App Magnets

Some of the best refrigerator magnets money can buy.  Set of 18 for 12.99.  About 1″ x 1″ square.  Available online from Jailbreak Toys

Bugatti 16 C Galibier Edition

Wow, this thing is stunning. With the asking price starting at a cool 1.6 Million dollars there is a very slim chance that any of us will ever be able to afford this car but it is still fun to look at and dream.  Take a closer look after the jump.

Paul Rodriguez X Incase – P-Rod Signature Back Pack

P-Rod and Incase just hooked up for this new collaboration back pack. This back pack can hold everything your regular back pack can and then some. Oh and it looks a lot cooler too. You can cop this now at the Incase online store. Take a closer look after the jump.

Von Zipper Facemelt Collection

Von Zipper is honestly one of the top 3 brands in the eyewear game.  Always bringin’ classic style with stand-out designs & colors, VZ definitely knows what they’re doing.  This collection will soon hit select Zipper retailers and will not be restocked once they’re gone, so get ‘em quick.

Laptop Cases by LaCie ($20)

Perhaps a little fruity, but for twenty bucks, I’ll take it.  They come rolled up in a tube, so you can bet they’re pretty flimsy.  As a result, you’re really only protecting your computer from scratches.  Personally, I rock a bulletproof aluminum briefcase.  Seriously.  Everyone’s always like, “Oooo you got a bomb and a million dollars in there, do ya buddy?”  The answer is of course, “Yup.  That and my laptop and a pack of gum.”  Your swagger may not be quite on my level, so if you would like to take baby steps to the aforementioned man-case, you can pick up a LaCie case here. 

iMaxi – The Only iPad Case With Protective Wings

People keep hatin on the iPad.  But I’m still gonna get one, and if you haven’t convinced yourself to do the same, you can take 2 minutes to read this article, and you’ll change your mind.  But, I gotta hand it to these iMaxi people — shit’s pretty funny.  You can actually buy this thing for 40 bucks. 

Jewelry By Cast of Vices

Silver and platinum bugs.  Yezzir.  I would totally rock a roach.  I bet, though, that if I had one of these hangin around my neck… I would on more than one occasion, casually look down and freak the f*ck out for half a second until I remembered that I actually paid 200 dollars to have a big silver creepy crawly on me.  The concept for the whole line of jewelry is pretty dope in that they “cast” various “vices”.  They have cigarettes and prescription pills and bottle caps.  Clever.  Tough to find all of it to buy in one place, but google shopping results return a couple results, and you can also get a couple pieces at the SlamXhype store.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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