Anarchy Eyewear

Say hello to Anarchy Eyewear.  After putting a few pair of these on my face today, I am now an evangelist Anarchy consumer.  These things are well made — solid frame, stiff hinges, excellent lens quality.  They’re mad clean, and arguably the best part is that most models are around 40 or 50 bucks… which precisely matches my ideal price point.  Cheap sunglasses fuckin blow.  Designer shades are too expensive and gaudy.  Papa Bear’s porridge is too hot.  Mama’s is too damn cold.  But Anarchy Eyewear sunglasses are juuuussst right.  Check out their full line here.



For every $3 bracelet sold, $1 is donated to supporting breast cancer research.  The bracelets are made of silicone.  I frikkin love it.  You can buy them here. 

AeroSystem iPod Dock

In subtle phallic form, glass and chrome come together creating a beat bumpin dropper of panties rivaled by no other.  I challenge thee to find a doper dock.  Available for $1300 here. 

Dodge Mopar 2010 Challenger

Does that thang gotta HEMI!?  Bet your sweet ass it does.  Only 500 of these slick ricks are hitting the streets unfortunately.  So, coming up with the $39K to buy one isn’t nearly the toughest challenge one will face when attempting to put one of these beasts in their driveway.  “Powered by a 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 with cold-air intake, the Mopar ’10 also features a front strut brace, strut-tower brace, unique engine cover, Katzkin leather seating, Mopar shift handles, and a “Brilliant” Black paint job.” 

Beer Savers

Reusable rubber caps for your beer.  Six-pack for $7.99.  Sweet.  Buy them here. 


Nike SB – August ’10 Apparel & Headwear

Nike SB — where have you been?  Apparently, they’ve been in the kitchen cooking up this here dopeness.  Staying true to their competencies, SB’s August line (to hit retailers next week) keeps a simplistic vibe while simultaneously offering crispy clean freshness.


Brew Dog Beer

Perhaps the most unique brewery in the world – Brew Dog boasts beers that have ree-fuckin-diculously high alcohol content by volume (up to 55%).  Not only this, but no where else in the world can you get a bottle of beer that comes with a real-ass, dead-ass rodent as a custom coozie that’s taxidermed right over the bottle.  I bet that shit is delicious.  Borat says: NAWT! 

Urbanears Medis Earphones

Urbanears has only been in the game for 6 months but they have already made a huge impact on the market with their unique line of headphones. Their latest creation comes in the form of the Medis earphone. Not only do these earphones look cool but their ergonomic design greatly improves your listening experience. The Medis uses the patented EarClick solution to secure the earpiece at two separate points in the outer canal of your ear relieving pressure to a nearly non-existent level while keep it firmly in place. Pretty dope. The Medis is now available through select Urbanears retailers. It comes in 12 colors and is retailing for $50 bucks. Get more information here.

G4 Glass Pool Table

“Yeah right… I would break this shit into smitherines in like 2 games,” says the reader in disbelief.  But, in fact, the surface of the table is covered by some patented material designed by some genius chemist (who probably really likes doing cocaine), and the balls move on the table as they would on a felt surface.  I didn’t believe it either, but then I watched the video.  This G4 model comes as the second glass pool table model from Nottage Design; this new design being far more modern and simplistic than the G1.  It also comes with a glass cover so it can be converted into a dining table.  You can grab yours up for about $32,000.  Is it just me, or does that price sound actually fairly reasonable? 

Rolls Royce White Ghost By Mansory

If you can afford to drop $250,000 on a Rolls Royce, dropping an extra $150,000 for the Mansory treatment shouldn’t be a problem. Mansory is an aftermarket tuning company that specializes in the modification of high-end automobiles and they recently added the Rolls Royce Ghost to their list. The Mansory Rolls Royce White Ghost builds on the Rolls Royce standard with upgrades of both the interior and the engine. The White Ghost features an added 66 horses for a new total of 629 hp, capable of pushing this luxury ride to to a top speed of 180 mph.  Take a closer look after the jump.

Incase iPhone 4 Cases

Incase will be releasing some brand new protective cases for the iPhone 4 at the end of July. The new cases being released include the Slider Case, Snap Case, Protective Cover, and the Perforated Snap Case. All of the models come in a wide variety of colors. The perforated case will be released shortly after the other cases. Take a closer look after your jump.

Oakley – Purpo Frogskins

Shaboom.  Freshness on your face.  Purple is the color of royalty, so become a poolside prince with these badass collectors editions.  Available at the Oakley website for $110. 


A Closer Look At Kanye West’s BET Awards Jewelry

If you watched the BET Awards you probably saw Kanye preform his latest hit single “Power” standing atop a volcano while wearing a gigantic golden chain and ring. Kanye’s jewelry started quite a buzz on the internet and we finally got the specifics behind the notorious jewelry. Get more info and take a closer look after the jump. Seeing as how this was Yeezy’s first appearance at an award show since the MTV Video Music Awards fiasco you knew he was going to do it big. We just didn’t realize how big. It turns out Mr. West had Jacob & Co. create a custom-made chain and charm depicting the Egyptian god Horus, as well as a four-finger pyramid ring, for his comeback performance. The two custom pieces are made of 24K yellow gold and are worth a combined total of $300,000 dollars. Yeezy better hope that thing don’t get snatched.

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Buy Rusty Wired Sweatshirts and Jackets

Get your credit cards out fellas… cuz you’re about to make a highly satisfying purchase.  Check this out — Rusty just dropped this line of jackets that has machine-washable headphones built into the frikkin draw-string chords.  SICK.  They’re only 50 bucks.  Get yours here.

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