Magnetic Hourglass ($22)

Magnetic Hourglass ($22)


Magnetic Hourglass ($22)


Much of my time on the internet is spent searching for items and inspiration to make my own workspace a more attractive space to work.

I’ve even come up with a step-by-step guide on how to make a dope desk setup.

A key ingredient to a dope workstation is — of course — dope desk accessories.  Enter: the magnetic hourglass.  Traditional hourglasses are already a great piece for any desk, but sprinkle in some magnetic sand and… voila!  A timeless timekeeping tabletop tool just got that much cooler.

Available for only $22 here.

magnetic-hourglass-3 magnetic-hourglass-1 magnetic-hourglass-2 magnetic-hourglass-4

Buy now for $22.

So you can snag that one for 22 bucks, but if that is a little too rich for your blood, they do have cheaper alternatives.  This other one is only TEN dollars, but it has lower ratings in the reviews.

magnetic-sand-hourglass1 magnetic-sand-hourglass2 magnetic-sand-hourglass3 magnetic-sand-hourglass4

Buy the cheaper one for $10.


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