Introducing "The 40" From MVMT Watches

Introducing "The 40" From MVMT Watches


Introducing "The 40" From MVMT Watches


If you’re in the market for a new watch, we’ve got great news for you. Our friends at MVMT Watches just released “The 40” – a brand new timepiece that is perfect for today’s gentlemen.

With a 40mm face, it’s a tad bit smaller than other MVMT options. Along with the sleeker design, The 40 also features a premium leather band and stainless steel face. But the best thing about this watch might be the price tag. It’ll only cost you a very affordable $120 dollars.

The 40 is available in a total of 12 styles. You can purchase the Silver/Tan version seen above right here.

You can also shop the entire collection of MVMT watches right here



The 40 is another affordable watch that continues MVMT’s initiative to bring you high quality, stylish products, that won’t break the bank.



Shop MVMT’s entire collection right here.

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