H2ome Yachting Villa

Is this the dopest boat/yacht you’ve ever seen? It just might be. They basically took an extremely dope pad and shoved it inside of a yacht. Only setback, this bad boy ran the owners about $20 million.

H2ome-(overheadfront) H2ome-(3) H2ome-(rear-deck) H2ome-yacht-three quarter-front IIHIH H2ome-(upperdeck rear) H2ome-(steps) exterior_05 exterior_06 exterior_11 exterior_12 H2ome (17) H2ome (20) H2ome (bedroom3) H2OME_4 H2ome-(bath1) H2ome-(bath2) H2ome-(kitchen) H2ome-(livingroom) H2ome-(plantwalldining)


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