Michael Jordan Figurines by Enterbay Showcase

Holy life-like. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a figurine that looked more identical to the real life person. These figurines of Michael Jordan by Enterbay are a part of a traveling showcase that features all sorts of Michael Jordan memorabilia.

There’s a bunch of memorabilia available for purchase over on eBay now.

michael-jordan-figurines-enterbay-showcase-4 michael-jordan-figurines-enterbay-showcase-1 michael-jordan-figurines-enterbay-showcase-2 michael-jordan-figurines-enterbay-showcase-3 michael-jordan-figurines-enterbay-showcase michael-jordan-enterbay-showcase-008 michael-jordan-enterbay-showcase-009 michael-jordan-enterbay-showcase-000 michael-jordan-enterbay-showcase-003 michael-jordan-enterbay-showcase-007 michael-jordan-enterbay-showcase-006 michael-jordan-enterbay-showcase-005 michael-jordan-enterbay-showcase-004 michael-jordan-enterbay-showcase-001 michael-jordan-enterbay-showcase-002


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