Wallet TrackR – Never Lose Your Wallet Again

Pretty clever little idea here.  Put a credit-card-sized device in your wallet.  It connects to your phone via Bluetooth.  You can then be alerted when you separate from your wallet and/or you can tell your wallet to beep so you can find it.  It also takes a GPS snapshot of the point of separation so you can go back to the place where you left it.  

Bad news: this is one of those fundraiser/kickstarter products and these fools are trying to raise a quarter million dollars.  A quarter million, guys?  You’re telling me you couldn’t do it for 30K?  50K?  150K?  I think they’re a little overhyped on their idea here.  Plus, what happens if someone steals the wallet?  You have a GPS snapshot of where it was stolen, but then the Bluetooth is out of range so you’re shit out of luck.

Check out more info here.

source: blessthisstuff