Sneakhype Select Series: Stance Socks

Sneakhype Select Series: Stance Socks


Sneakhype Select Series: Stance Socks

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned when it comes to piecing together an outfit, it’s that attention to detail is key. Even if no one else notices, it’ll make you feel better and more confident. One department that most people neglect is definitely their sock game.



Most of the time you probably find yourself losing socks, or mismatching them. If I had to guess why, I’d say it’s because you invest minimal dollars into solid white or black socks. Step it up a little bit by spending a few more dollars on quality socks that you are probably going to take better care of.

Stance has been making some of the dopest socks out there for a couple of years now. Not only do they use amazing looking prints and colors, but the quality is outstanding. Their collections include casual, performance, and snow. They even offer an art series, which features original art from some of their favorite artists and designers.


So, if you’re wanting to take pride in assembling a dope outfit from top to bottom then you should thinking about investing in some dope sockwear. The good people over at Stance are some of the best to do it, so I highly suggest some pieces from any of their collections.

Check out their online shop here to grab any of the pieces we featured, as well as many others. Stay updated with the brand by liking them on Facebook, and following them on Twitter.

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Photography by Connor Hays

Socks modeled by Samantha Stewart



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