GORUCK - Kit Bag

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GORUCK - Kit Bag


GORUCK - Kit Bag

GORUCK—manufacturer of American-made, military-grade gear and accessories—recently launched their new line of Kit Bags. Here at SNEAKHYPE, we appreciate the value of a quality bag. Think about it: how long have you had your current suit case or backpack? You use it a couple (or maybe several times a year) when you travel. Why shouldn’t you invest in something that will stand the test of time?

These babies are nearly indestructible and highly water resistant. You know those pants your mom bought you when you were in high school for your little sister’s dance recital? You could pour 8 ounces of orange Gatorade on em, and that shit would just roll off like water off a duck’s feathers. That same mindf**king technology is packed into these packs! Don’t believe me? Well I didn’t believe me either… until I read about the GORUCK field test.

The Kit Bag comes in 2 sizes and is available for purchase online. It is also complemented well by several other practical items in the GORUCK gear webstore.


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