Phiaton Headphones Giveaway

Phiaton Headphones Giveaway


Phiaton Headphones Giveaway

Sneakhype is back at it with another great giveaway. This time, 2 winners will each receive a set of Phiaton PS 20 Bluetooth wireless headphones ($150 each). These headphones deliver unparalleled sound quality, allowing you to listen to music and make phone calls wirelessly via Bluetooth. Basically, you’ll be a boss rocking 150 dollar wireless headphones.

How To Enter

  1. Like Sneakhype on Facebook
  2. Like Phiaton on Facebook
  3. Copy and paste the following on Phiaton’s Facebook wall

    Pick me to win the Phiaton PS 20 BT headphones in the SNEAKHYPE giveaway!

NOTE: On step 3, if your heart so desires, you may change up the verbiage, but you need to make sure you put ‘SNEAKHYPE’ in there somewhere so that you’re clearly entering for this particular giveaway.

HURRY, contest ends Dec 31st. Winners will be announced the following week.

By entering this contest you agree to the following terms. Prizes will only be shipped inside the United States. If you are not a resident in the US, you may still enter, but the prize will only be shipped to a US address (specified by the winner) should an international entrant be chosen as a winner.

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