alkr – iPhone Cases

“alkr” is a spankin-new brand that hit the market with laptop sleeves, and has now expanded their product line with this push of a sleek set of iPhone cases.  It seems as though they’re taking cues from Incase, in that they’re tailoring their Apple-complement products to be simple and elegant, yet offer a variety of fresh colors.  So far… so good.  You can buy these cases here

iPhoneCasesAll 06_ImageYellow 04_SideBlack 04_PackagingFront_Black 04_FrontBlack 04_BackBlack 03_SideYellow 03_FrontYellow 03_CableYellow 03_BackYellow 02_SidePurple 02_FrontPurple 02_BackPurple 01_PackagingBack_Blue 01_ImageBlue 01_FrontBlue 01_CableBlue 01_BackBlue
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