BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept

Why can’t one of these concept cars, for once, become reality?C’mon BMW, all you need to do is involve SNEAKHYPE and this things as good as done. I just finished reading two full pages describing how the car is packed with technology that doesn’t really exist yet. Sure, everything sounds good on paper… but when exactly do we plan on getting this into production?? Now I know there are those out there that will think this car is to futuristic, so why not shovel the task of promotion and sales to the Sneakhype team (we currently employ the Billy Mays Sales Model).We couldsay it has SNEAKHYPE technologyand have the HT, EG, PG, and Tsech models. It would come standard with a navigation system wired to the Internet (Sneakhype as default homepage, of course).I can imagine people going to the dealerships and saying “Oh Shit? It’s got SNEAKHYPE technology? Let me get a baker’s dozen of these right now”. What a great idea huh? I’m telling you SNEAKHYPE sells.P.S. Kids don’t smoke weed. More pics after the jump

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