You Could Own This Original Lamborghini Countach LP400S Series 1

In the market for a new car? Get your Wolf of Wall Street on with this original Lamborghini Countach. This extremely rare sports car will be put up for auction in August via RM Auctions. In case you’re not a car guy, Lamborghini only produced 50 of these “Series 1″ Countach’s. RM Auctions is valuing the car between $600,000 – $800,000, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it sold for a lot more. 


Davinci NYC Summer ’14 Capsule Collection

Davinci NYC just released a new capsule collection for this year’s summer season.  The collection features several new pieces, including a logo bucket hat with a stash pocket, and a new t-shirt design.  Everything is available now over on their webstore.


Check Out The Newest Watch From Nixon, The Tangent

Nixon just added a new time piece to it’s already impressive line of watches. The Tangent was designed to handle everything you could throw at it. It’s constructed out of a super durable hybrid of stainless steel and custom G10 materials. It looks pretty slick too. The Tangent is available for purchase now in 3 colors.

Get Your Villain on with this Death Star Rug

Big Star Wars fan?  Just need a new rug as a staple piece in your home or office?  You should definitely check out this Death Star Rug by Totem Rugs.  This particular one is $3600, but they do custom sizing upon request.


Hide Your Booze In This Sunscreen Flask

  If you’re looking to smuggle some booze into your local public pool this weekend, the Sunscreen Flask is the perfect summer accessory. The 8 oz flask is made to resemble a normal sunscreen tube so no one will suspect a thing. Not only will it greatly improve your family trip to the pool, you can freak some people out by drinking straight from the tube. 

LEGO Batman Tumbler Set Unveiled

LEGO has unveiled the new Batman Tumbler set, that is a part of their “Ultimate Collector Series.”  The set will include 1869 pieces for you to put together & build the Batman Tumbler.  It’s kind of crazy that a LEGO set cost $199 though.  The Tumbler will sit 15″ tall & 9″ wide.  Look for the set to release in September of this year.

Twelve24 ClockONE is the Only Clock You Need in your Pad

Twelve24 has recently introduced their game-changing ClockONE.  The ClockONE utilizes E-ink technology that gives you a high contrast, wide viewing angle.  Probably the best thing about the ClockONE is the battery life.  Stick in a single button battery, and you’re looking at one whole year, that’s right, 365 days of battery life!  Incredible.  Currently, the clock is available for pre-order over on their website.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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