ManBQue: The Recipe Book Every Man Needs ($17)

They say this is the next griller’s “Bible” for men in their 20s & 30s.  ManBQue is a recipe book that’s dedicated to meat, beer, and rock-n-roll.  I’d say those three things are something that every young man is in to.  It’s available over at Amazon for $16.50.


This Electric Big Wheel Is Every 90′s Kid Dream Come True

Have you ever heard of “Trike Drifting”? Apparently it’s a real sport and, according to the makers of this electric trike, it’s taking the world by storm. So here we have a detailed look at the Verrado Electric Drift Trike. It’s the Lamborghini of all the drift trikes. It boasts a MagicPie 3-hub brushless motor (whatever that is) and a lithium cobalt manganese battery. This bad boy has enough power to provide you with hours of fun, just like when you were a kid. Head over to the Verrado Kickstarter page for more info and to purchase your own.

Upgrade Your Garage With These 3D Prints

These are basically fat heads for garage doors. The 3D prints can easily be applied to almost an garage. They range from dream cars to optical illusions. I would recommend the F1 race car but that’s just me. You can purchase one here and make all of your neighbors jealous.

Gold Embossed Toilet Paper ($250)

You’ve heard about people talking about wiping their bottoms with dollar bills, but how about some toilet paper embossed with gold?  I’m not sure why you would buy a roll that says “Happy Birthday” when a roll of toilet paper usually lasts longer than a day.  If you got an extra $250 to spare, and want to impress someone, buy a roll here.

Mifland Standard Rucksack QS – Super Camouflage

Mifland starts shipping their Quickstrike Standard Rucksack in a “Super Camouflage” colorway today.  You can order the amazing leather piece over on their webshop now.


iPhone Amplifier Made From Blown Glass

iPhone amplifiers are a dime a dozen these days, but few of them were are made from handcrafted blown glass.


Supreme Perforated Leather Camp Cap

It’s always good to step your accessory game up come spring/summer time.  Supreme is always a trusty brand when it comes to accessories.  This perforated leather camp cap is perfect to give you those bonus style points with your outfit.  Head over to Supreme’s store now to grab one.


$15,000 Gold Plated Skateboard from SHUT

When do you know you’ve made it?  When you can buy a $15,000 gold plated skateboard and not think twice about it.  SHUT just released this oh-so-shiny skateboard, and believe it or not, it’s fully functional.  Check it out here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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