Incase Releases Action Camera Collection for your GoPro

Incase has been making quality goods for some time now, but now they have added a bunch of new accessories to protect your GoPro camera.  The Action Camera Collection is highlighted by a “Pro Pack” that is a modular carrying solution that’s meant to support a heavy load.  There’s a number of other products in the collection like a sling pack, mono & dual kit, silicone cases for the GoPro, and more.  Expect everything to be available on August 31st on Incase’s website.


This Off-Road Wheelchair Will Take You Anywhere You Want To Go

It’s time for your Grandpa to trade in his Rascal for this off-road, all-terrain wheelchair from HexHog. This bad boy can handle anything you can throw at it. It features a 36-volt lithium ion battery that can take you up to 12 miles on a single charge at a top speed of 8.5 mph. It’s flexible chassis makes the HexHog extremely stable, allowing it to handle any type of terrain you might come across.  You can grab a HexHog right here. 

This is a Pool Table & Dining Room Table Meshed Together into One

I’m all about having a pool table in your pad.  Unfortunately, for some people there’s just no room for the extra curricular activity…  Until now.  Fusion Tables makes these high quality dining room tables that transform into a pool table in a matter of minutes.  They have a variety of different finishes that all incredibly clean.  The only problem, just a shade under $8K.  Head over to Amazon if you’re interested.


Class Up Your Drink With These 18K Gold Whiskey Balls

If you’re a whiskey connoisseur, you don’t want to chill your Johnnie Walker with regular old ice cubes. You’ll end up with a watered down drink. If you’re looking for an alternative, check out these 18k Gold Whiskey Balls from Balls of Steel. Not only will they not dilute your whiskey, they’ll chill it in the coolest way possible. 


This Nixon 42-20 Chonro Watch is Iridescently Dope

Nixon is already one of the dopest watch brands on the market, but they continue to up their game with this new 42-20 Chrono that features an iridescent finish.  They kept the majority of the watch in regular form, but the bezel & face feature the unique iridescent color.  Available now on Nixon’s website.

Supreme Fall/Winter ’14 Accessories

As always, Supreme brings the heat with each collection when it comes to their random ass accessories.  This time around the standouts are the espresso cup, a brass zippo lighter, and a neoprene face mask.  Be sure to have your mouse ready to click the BUY button come August 28th.


OM/ONE is the World’s First Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Gotta have it.  Period.  This is the OM/ONE, and it’s the world’s first levitating Bluetooth speaker.  Best part is that they’re not nearly as expensive as you would expect.  Head over to pre-order yours for just $179.

Nomad’s Collapsible Hot Tub just became a Must-Have Accessory

I don’t take as many outdoor camping trips as I should, but I feel like this is a must-have accessory for your next camping trip.  Nomad is the maker of this collapsible hot tub that can conveniently turn just about any situation into a party.  They currently have a summer sale going on right now, where the collapsible tub & heater coil are bundled for just $999.  Hit their online shop here.

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