Drake – Started From The Bottom (Music Video)

Since it’s technically Music Monday, how about a new music video from Drake?  This one is for the track “Started From The Bottom”, and it turned out pretty dope.  As usual, Drake shows us how much he’s ballin’ nowadays.

Monday Dopeness (39 Pics)

I know, I know.  We’re extremely tardy today.  But, as I always say  “a late dopeness, is better than no dopeness…”

Sunday Animation Dopeness (22 Gifs)

Sunday hangover cure.

Sideboob Saturday (26 pics)

This Sideboob Saturday post is being sent to you straight from the balcony of the Puerto Rico vacation home where I am currently sitting.  

Superhero Noir Posters

In my opinion, the Dark Knight poster is the best of the bunch. But they are all pretty dope.


Jay Z’s Road To Brooklyn – A Final Look Back (Video)

Here is another episode of Jay Z’s Road To Brooklyn series. In this episode, Brooklynites discuss their love for the borough and their new home team. Take a look.

Nike Women’s Dunk Sky High – City Pack

Who doesn’t love a chick in kicks?  I know I do.  This new City Pack from Nike features 5 new colorways in the Dunk Sky High model.  Look for these to start releasing as soon as today.


Flatbush Zombies – MRAZ (Music Video)

Ever since the first time I heard the Flatbush Zombies, I’ve been hooked.  Something about the sound they bring to the table is very refreshing.  Press play, and get trippy.

Flask Tie ($25)

With this flask tie you can not only look fresh, but also conceal whatever it is you’re sipping on.  Now, I’m not encouraging you to get drunk at work or school, but this would come in handy when trying to save money when you go out at night.

Will You Be My Valentine? (Video)

Apparently I need to use this pick-up line from now on.  Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to use it a couple of weeks out of the year.

The Best Beyoncé Super Bowl Memes (20 Photos)

A photographer snapped some unflattering pictures of Beyoncé during her Super Bowl performance. After her publicist asked that the unflattering pictures be taken down the internet came along and turned the pics into viral gold. I feel bad for Beyoncé, but these are pretty funny. The Beyonce meme has been making its way around the web. Hopefully Jay and her can laugh at these too.

Treehouse Point Eco Resort in Washington

Usually, when we think of resorts, we picture beaches, luxury, and just overall living the high-life.  This resort located in the forests of the Snoqualmie Valley west of Valley is pretty much the opposite of all those things.  Not that I’m trying to knock this resort by any means, the place actually looks really dope.  Sometimes you just need that escape from the majority of the population.

The Final Sale @ Caliroots

Caliroots is currently having a huge sale over at their online shop.  I just chose 10 of my favorite kicks, but not only do they have a ton of other shoes, they have a lot of apparel on sale as well.

TGIF Dopeness (40 Pics)

Friday’s wouldn’t be the same without the Dopeness.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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