Radii Footwear – The Simple “Animal Style”

Radii Footwear is adding a new shoe to their lineup for the spring season. The “Simple” shoe is minimal in design as the name suggests. The Simple is available now in the “Animal Style” colorway seen above, as well as a few others colorways, for only $70 bucks.

Brooklynese Kitchenware

Any Brooklynites in the building? We got the perfect kitchenware for you. It was designed with a traditional Brooklyn accent in mind. Each piece ranges from $11-20 with the whole set going for $45.

Tuesday Dopeness (39 pics)

And the Lord hath said, “If you love the Dopeness, you shall share it with thine friends.”  Amen. 


Komono Printed Watches ($80)

These days its all about prints — camo prints, leopard prints, hawaiian prints. Komono watches printed watch series is the perfect timepiece for today’s current trend. The collection features Komono’s signature timepiece, the Wizard, with several different printed bands. Take a look.

A Pep Talk From Kid President To You (Video)

Your daily dose of motivation.

Entree LS Presents Spring Delivery 1 2013 Collection: “X & O’s” Look Book

Entree LS just dropped their newest collection, and like usual, it features some very dope gear.  Everything is available now, and you can find the purchase info after the jump.

Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl 2013 Teaser Ad – “Coke Chase” (Video)

Looks like Coca-Cola is getting a head start on the Super Bowl commercials. Here is a teaser ad they released for their upcoming 2013 Super Bowl ad. What do you guys think?

America’s Largest Solar Farm

Solar farms for the most part are not very exciting, but they do make for some great pictures. Photographer Jamey Stillings recently created this photo essay on the largest solar farm in America, the Ivanpah Solar Thermal Plant located in the Mojave desert. Stillings captured the massive farm in a series of stunning black and white stills.

Nike Air Yeezy II Signed By Kanye West Up For Auction

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is a great gift idea for any of you ladies wanting me as your valentine.  The auction has about 7 days left on it, and it’s already up to $72,100.  It is 100% for charity, which is pretty cool.  Check out the listing after the jump.

Dope Movie Prints ($26)

The good people over at Dope Prints are behind these minimalistic movie prints. Each print measures 12×18 inches in size and features notable quotes from wide variety of classic movies. Some new, some old. For only $26 bucks I might have to a buy a couple and finish decorating my home movie theater.


The Lonely Island – YOLO Feat. Adam Levine & Kendrick Lamar (Video)

The Lonely Island made their return to SNL this weekend to premier their new jam, “YOLO.” This one features Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar.

Air Jordan Illustrated Font by 13th Collective & Will C. Smith

13th Collective & Will C. Smith joined forces to create this Jordan Brand inspired font. Each number is constructed from the corresponding Jordan shoe. I think the 13 and the 4 are my favorites.

Monday Dopeness (42 pics)

Hey heads up, I put tons of animated GIFs in this one at the end, so load time is going to take an extra moment.  I think you won’t mind too much though.  

Sunday Animation Dopeness (20 Gifs)

We know how much you love Sunday Dopeness so we’ve decided to bring it back. Meet me here next Sunday. Same time, same place.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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