Carmelo Anthony – Playing For The City That Made Me: Episode 3

Here is the 3rd episode of Carmelo Anthony’s web series “Playing For The City That Made Me.” In this episode Melo talks about how it feels to win in NYC, the city he grew up in. I like Melo a lot more after watching this series. I think I can finally forgive him for beating KU in the NCAA national championship game back in ’03.

Mercedes-Benz 2013 Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

This is an extended version of an ad that Mercedes will be airing during the Super Bowl.  It features appearances from Usher, Kate Upton, and the detective from The Boondock Saints.

Wilkinson Residence by Robert Oshatz

This place looks nuts.  It essentially looks hidden out in the wilderness, which I’ve never liked, but it would be nice to not be disturbed.  The exterior design of the home is amazing, and what I like even more is it carries the curvy theme once you get inside as well.

KeyFlip ($30)

I need this accessory on my keychain like 7 years ago.  The KeyFlip is essentially a swiss army knife for all of your keys, so that you avoid all the normal jangling and whatnot.  It will fit 4 house/work keys in there, so you can remove most of that clutter from your keychain.

Detroit Rubber – Episode 1 (Video)

If you’re familiar with the shoe game at all, then you’ve probably heard of the boutique in Detroit called Burn Rubber.  Well, the two owners just launched they’re own web series on the LOUD channel.  It’s a little long, but definitely dope.


Hump Day Dopeness – Part I (40 pics)

Did somebody order an ass gallery? 

Featured Hottie – Diana Melison (55 pics)

Oh.  My word.  This chick is STUPID hot.

How To Eat Chinese Takeout, Like A Boss (Video)

You probably didn’t realize it, but you’ve been eating Chinese takeout wrong this whole time. 


Josh Sallee – Not Following (Music Video)

Josh Sallee just dropped this video for his song Not Following that was featured on his last album.  The video features a recent featured hottie of ours, Morgan Woolard.  The video turned out dope, and I’m really feelin’ the song as well.

Porn Star Sasha Grey Reading Books to 1st Graders

So what we have here is a curiously intriguing series of photos of Sasha Grey just readin’ some books to 1st graders.  Why is this so strange?  Well, if you’re unfamiliar with Sasha Grey’s work, you may choose to find a quiet, private place and do some Googling (for science of course).  What just baffles me is how this situation would come about.  Personally, I have a 5 year old kid.  As a result, it would make sense that I might read to his kindergarten class.  But according to my research, Sasha’s children got wiped off with a cloth after filming. Maybe it’s because I’m a fan of people who are just the best at what they do (no matter their profession)… or whatever… but I simply found this entertaining.  

Nike Flyknit HTM Chukka – Snow Style Pack

I’ve been waiting for a pair of Flyknit Chukka’s to come out for so long.  I have got to grab a pair of these.  They’re not available just yet, but are expected to release very soon.

A Dramatic Surprise On An Ice-Cold Day (Video)

This is crazy.  For some reason I have a hard time believing that they actually did this to random strangers.  The video is pretty epic either way.  TNT did this to celebrate their launch in the Netherlands.


Grotesk x Case Studyo “6FT 6IN” Lamp

This is the second piece of Jordan inspired artwork we’ve featured recently. This “6ft 6in” lamp was designed by artist “Grotesk” in collaboration with Case Studyo. The lamp features a pair of Jordan 1’s as its base. The lamp is limited to just 23 copies and will be available for purchase beginning January 25th.


Nixon – Nixon Automatic Chrono LTD

The Automatic Chrono LTD is the latest addition to Nixon’s collection. The classic timepiece is limited to 45 pieces and features a Swiss-made Valjoux 7750 movement. The Automatic Chrono LTD is now available and on-sale globally at Nixon’s most exclusive watch dealers. This limited edition watch will set you back $4,800.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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