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Stance Women’s Holiday 2012 Vibe Video

Stance just released their women’s holiday 2012 vibe video. From the looks of the video, Stance’s women’s line is just as impressive as their Men’s line. Here’s a tip guys, if she is wearing Stance socks she is probably a keeper.

Yours For The Making With Tensnake & Smirnoff (Video)

Smirnoff & German house music producer, Tensnake, have hooked up for this pretty dope campaign.  Their hope is to uncover extraordinary nights & nightlife ideas.  I’m curious to see what comes from this

Nike Zoom Revis – Release Date Info

The first signature shoe from Darrelle Revis has finally received a release date.  Expect them to drop December 1st, and they should retail for $130.  The first colorway will be this fir/white scheme.

Wiz Khalifa: DayToday – 2050 Tour Part III (Video)

Here’s another episode of Wiz’s DayToday on the 2050 tour.  In this episode they watch a classic Bob Ross episode, hit Vancouver, and celebrate Obama’s victory.

NBA Ref Joey Crawford Dances To Gangnam Style (Video)

This is pretty good.  NBA referee makes a horrible charge call during a game, and follows it up with a trot nearly all the way to half-court.  Then, someone decided to match that up with a little Gangnam Style.  Enjoy, it’s Friday!

Geometic Sand Castles

Artist Calvin Seibert sculpts sand like you’ve never seen sand sculpted before.

Tetris Sticky Notes by SUCK UK

Personally, I hate sticky notes — they just create a mess, and I’d rather use my phone or a single notepad.  Furthermore, I never got into Tetris.  Even then, I still want these as they would look cool on my desk.  Good gift idea.  $18.

TGIF Dopeness (39 pics)


Indoor Clouds

There’s no trickery here folks.  Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde sets conditions juuuust right (humidity, temperature, shoot I dunno, barometric pressure?) and then uses a fog machine to create some indoor cumulonimbus puffers.  They only exist for a few seconds, but you can bet your sweet sister Susie that homie’s already got the tripod set up ready to shutter snap these white fluffies in the nick of time.


Lumawake – The First Smart Dock For All iPhones ($149)

I’ve been needing to get a dock for my iPhone for awhile now.  Unfortunately, this one isn’t available just yet, but they’ll start shipping early next year.  Watch the video for more info.

2012 National Beard and Moustache Championships in Las Vegas

As No Shave November draws to a close, it’s all to appropriate for us to take a look at some of the most impressive facial hair in the world.  

Floppy Table

Sweet, sweet nostalgia.  And get this: the metal part that you always slid back and forth when you were a kid… it also slides back and forth on the table to allow you to store your remotes or other goodies inside the table.  They are made to order and are currently selling for 750 Euro which is just a little less than $1000.  Might be a necessary staple in the Sneakhype offices.


MSTR Watches – Aviator Black/Black

We showed you a preview of the Aviator a couple weeks ago.  Now we have some more detailed pictures of  MSTR’s military inspired watch. This watch is also available in a green colorway but I personally prefer this version.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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