Sneaker Sunday (Weekly Recap)

NFL Sunday is so captivating that I completely slipped on the last 2 Sneaker Sunday’s.  I vowed early in the week that I would not let you down this week.  Enjoy, and go Chiefs!

Sideboob Saturday (32 pics)

Hot and fresh out the kitchen.  It’s the freakin’ weekend baby I’m about to have me some… sideboob.  


Air Jordan XI – Bred – USB Keychain ($25)

If there is one thing that you should never be without, it’s a USB flash/thumb drive of some sort.  This new Air Jordan XI USB Keychain is only $24.99, and has 8GB of storage.  They’re currently sold-out, but look for a restock very soon.


Tribute To The NFL Replacement Refs (Video)

Last night I felt like we were watching the season opener with the return of the NFL refs.  Having them back just makes me feel 10x more comfortable when watching a game.  Let us not forget the replacement refs though, for they did the best they could.

Sound Wave Art by Epic Frequency

About a year ago we showed this company, Vapor Sky, which allowed you to record your voice and turn it into art. But for those of you who don’t have anything epic to say, there is Epic Frequency. Epic Frequency has chosen several iconic quotes for you and turned them into pieces of art. They have quotes from Neil Armstrong, Martin Luther King, JFK, and more.  Each measures 48″ wide, 18″ high, and is wrapped on a 1.5″ frame. They start at $299.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar – Now Available

Sports Illustrated has finally released their highly anticipated Swimsuit Calendar for 2013.  The calendar features  Kate Upton, Cintia Dicker, Irina Shayk, Alyssa Miller, Jessica Gomes and many others. Shout out to Kate Upton for representing the month of April.


Kids These Days – Don’t Harsh My Mellow (Music Video)

One of my favorite things about these guys, is that it’s hard to categorize them into just one certain genre.  All of their material has been very impressive, and this new song & video aren’t any different.  The song also happens to be co-produced by Sneakhype friend, @ProfessorFox.

Starry Night Made out of Doorknobs

I don’t know how anyone would come into possession of so many doorknobs.  The only thing that could make this mural cooler is if only ONE of the doorknobs could be turned to open a secret door to Narnia or some shit.  

TGIF Dopeness (36 pics)

Well that week flew by.  It’s already Sideboob Saturday Eve.  

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Concept

The Panamera is obviously the dopest wagon of all-time.  This is the new Panamera Sport Turismo, which is just a concept for now, but hopefully we’ll see production in the near future.

Rich Kids Brand – Penthouses & Pitfalls – Fall 2012

I don’t know much about penthouses, but I know a lot about pitfalls.  Anyways, this is the new fall collection from the good people over at Rich Kids.  I’m definitely feeling most of these pieces.  They’re all available now, purchase info after the jump.

Taco Time: Chicano Style (Video)

You might remember a series we posted a little while back from Stomach Life called Sushi Time.  Well, they’re back with a new series, and this one is called Taco Time.  Fair warning, this video is going to make you hungry.  I went and got some beef tacos 3 minutes after watching this for the first time last night.

Oh Just Some Sick Nasty Penthouse in Vancouver

I could tell you the architect, the square footage, the inspiration behind the light fixtures… but seriously, who cares?  Basically, we all just look at these galleries for inspiration so that when we, inevitably, have the 12 million dollars to stroke a check for our own penthouses, we know to put an all-red tile bathroom in it.  See what I mean… 


Sneakercubes by Pawel Nolbert

Holy cellphone background image potential.  If you’re comfortable with me using the word “Sneakhype” as an adjective, then this might just be the most Sneakhype thing I’ve come across in a minute.  Check that.  Two minutes.  Artist Pawel Nolbert and apparent sneakerhead put together this series for your viewing pleasure.  

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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