Jetovator – Flying Water-Powered Bike

We already showed you the Water-Powered Jetpack. Now we have a Water-Powered Bike. The Jetovator can reach heights up to 30 feet, speeds up to 25mph, and dive down below water up to 10 feet. Head over to the Jetovator website where you can buy your own Jetovator for only $9000.

Introducing FLüD Sunglasses

FLüD is expanding their line of premium accessories with the introduction of their new sunglasses collection. The new line consists of The Shea, The Madison Square, The Mile High, and The Forum — all of which are reasonably priced. Head over to their online store to purchase a pair now.

Chrome Lexus LFA

I used to be absolutely obsessed with Chrome, but now, not so much.  I would still drive this thing if given the opportunity though.  Exotic Graphix threw this thing together, not too shabby guys.

The Dark Knight Rises 3-D Street Art

This is just one picture, but it is extremely dope.  I also wanted to share this to send our condolences to those victims in Aurora, Colorado.  It was truly a horrific tragedy, and our thoughts & prayers are with the victims & their families.


Markisa Summer 2012 Collection (Video)

Whether you have any idea what Markisa is, you should definitely still watch this video.  It features some brand new gear from Markisa, but the video is one of the highest quality vids I’ve watched in awhile.

Featured Hottie: Amanda Rae Michaels (17 Pics)

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a featured hottie post on here.  This time around we have a lovely lady by the name of Amanda Rae Michaels.  She’s been published multiple times by the likes of Maxim & FHM Magazine.

Man Of Steel – Official Teaser Trailer (Video)

I’m not going to lie, this looks pretty epic.  This is just a teaser of the upcoming “Man of Steel” film, but it has me quite intrigued.  Looks like we’ll have to wait ’til some time next year to check it out.

Monday Dopeness (40 pics)


Sneaker Sunday (Weekly Recap)

Most weeks pass by, and we only feature maybe 7-8 pairs of kicks total.  There’s so many other shoes that are announced or previewed that we don’t show love to.  We felt like it was necessary to give you a weekly recap that shows you some of our favorites from the week that haven’t been on the site yet.

Sideboob Saturday (34 pics)

Gotta love sideboob.


Drink of the Week: The Corona Limona

So, we are a day or two late for Instagram’s #throwbackthurdays. Nevertheless, we here at D.O.W. think it’s prime time to bring back a high-school gem that foreshadowed our enthusiasm for creative mixology.  Think back to high school for a moment—locker real estate was the prime barometer for social status1, you were painstakingly crafting your online identity so that you both looked like a badass on Facebook, and didn’t expose any information which would get you grounded, and whenever your 21+ brother came to town and you wanted to be a high roller, you would invariably ask him to add three essential items to the liquor run: Hpnotiq2, Corona (the beer of preference of all people who don’t know anything about beer), and Bacardi Limon, for the same reasons as the Corona, except for shooting purposes.3 Never would any of these ingredients have met except for the fact that Sneakhype co-founder EG is a perpetual innovator and one night there were no limes on hand. Unwilling to drink a Corona straight, our man tossed back a few shots of the Bacardi to spur his mental machinery and then, as legend has it, did something momentous.  EG consumed approximately 3 oz.… More →


Popular Demand – August ’12 Lookbook (Video)

I just recently came across this brand called Popular Demand.  I’m really diggin’ their overall look.  Here’s a video lookbook of their most recent collection that features some attractive females trying on some of their threads.  Grab the gear here.


Döttling Liberty Barcelona Watch Safe

If your watch collection is worth more than your house then the Döttling Liberty Barcelona Watch Safe is perfect for you. The safe features a leather exterior that was inspired by the iconic Barcelona chair designed by Mies van der Rohe. Other features include twelve precision winders, three drawers, and it weighs of over 650 lbs. The Döttling Liberty Barcelona Watch Safe will be available soon for only $88,000. Check out Döttling‘s website for more information.

TGIF Dopeness (41 pics)

Thank God it’s F—-n Dopeness.  

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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