Nike Opening/Closing Ceremony Outfit for IOAs

This hit my inbox this morning, and I thought it was pretty dope.  Nike is providing unique competition & ceremony wear for 4 different IOA’s (Independent Olympic Athletes) at this year’s Summer games.  This particular outfit is for the opening & closing ceremonies.


ScHoolboy Q – There He Go (Music Video)

This is without a doubt my favorite track off of Q’s “Habits & Contradictions.”  The visuals turned out so dope, really diggin’ this video.

Brittany Nichole Lucas by Van Styles

I came across these amazing photos of Brittany the other day thanks to Van.  I used to be pretty jealous of Terry Richardson, but I think Van takes the cake.  Every single female I’ve seen him work with is gorgeous.  These are from a few different sets of photos they did together.  Enjoy your weekend folks.

TGIF Dopeness (38 pics)

Ermahgerd.  Derpners.


Kaloopy Media – Sunbeams Dancing Round (Video)

The best comment on this video: “I went to high school with this girl.”

Carbon Fiber Lamborghini Aventador

You guys remember that leather-wrapped Ferrari I posted quite awhile back?  A lot of you were pretty mad about that one.  I’m curious as to how you feel about this fully carbon-fibered Aventador.

Featured Brand: Premier Fits

Premier Fits is a brand that I recently came across that offers a wide variety of items to keep your headwear game proper.  They carry a great selection of fitteds, snapbacks, 5-panels, and strapbacks.  You can also find a number of different high quality prints & materials used in their hats.

Nike HTM Flyknit Collection – Fall 2012

So, the first of the Flyknits drop tomorrow, and I’m sure they are going to do some large numbers.  This is the HTM collection which is slated for an August release here in the US.  That volt colorway always looks so dope.

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets (Video)

Here’s a bit from the Jimmy Kimmel show where celebrities read mean tweets that people have directed towards them.  Does anyone know if Katy Perry is single?

Liquid Sound Photography by Christian Terry

Longtime friend of Sneakhype, Christian Terry, has recently released a new series of “liquid sound” photography… offering Sneakhype fans everywhere a chance to have the dopest computer desktop background in town.

Thursday Dopeness (34 Pics)

You know the drill.

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (40 Pics)

We’re running low on some size in the store.  Hurry up and get yourself some dopeness in clothing form.

Nike: Find Your Greatness. (Video)

Nike is always killing the game when it comes to inspirational videos.  This one just dropped today, titled “Find Your Greatness.”  Enjoy.

Road Trip USA (Video)

Maybe it’s just me, but this video is 3 minutes & 46 seconds of pure epicness.  The soundtrack is amazing, and the video quality is top-notch.  Tip of the hat to Menassier Gabriel on this one.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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