Concepts x New Balance SEAL 999

Say whatever you want about New Balance, but they have some of the cleanest collaborations I have ever laid eyes on.  This isn’t the first go-round between CNCPTS & New Balance, and I hope it’s not the last.  These are dropping on August 4th, this Saturday, but they’ll only be available at CNCPTS.

Haze – Summer Olympics 2012 Installation @ 21 Mercer

Eric Haze recently did an extremely dope installation at 21 Mercer.  The project focuses on this year’s Olympic games.  21 Mercer is always killing the game as far as the display game goes.


TNGHT – Bugg’n (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice)

TNGHT is a collaborative group that includes producers Hudson Mohawke x Lunice.  They recently just dropped the TNGHT EP, and this track appears on there.  This clip for the track is pretty dope.  It was shot, directed, and edited by Dominic Flannigan & Peter Marsden.  Let us know what you think.

Leblanc-Cox Residence in Texas

I have absolutely nothing against Texas.  I even have family that lives down there, but I don’t think that I could ever live there.  If anything could possibly persuade me to move, it would definitely be someone giving me this house.  Absolutely amazing.

Featured Hottie: Jamzz Baby (20 Pics)

If there is one thing that we at Sneakhype enjoy, it’s a fine female in some dope threads & kicks.  Today’s featured hottie is Jamzz, who resides down in Florida.  Happy Tuesday, and enjoy!

World’s Tiniest Revolver by SwissMiniGun

Who would’ve ever thought that we would live in a world where you can carry around a revolver small enough to fit on your keychain?  This is the world’s tiniest working revolver.  Yes, that’s right folks, it actually shoots legitimate bullets.  Price is going to set you back about $7000.  That seems a little high to me considering the biggest thing you could probably kill with this is a tarantula.

NBA 2K13 – Executive Produced by Jay-Z (Trailer)

If you bought 2K12 I feel bad for you son, because only odd years of 2K are worth purchasing.  I was going to try & come up with some awesome rhyme there, I’m a little too exhausted for that.  Anyways, if you haven’t heard, Mr. Jay-Z is going to be executive producing NBA 2k13.  This game is going to be sick.

Tuesday Dopeness (35 pics)

I can’t tell if this frog is real or not.  But one thing I do know for sure… is that Hump Day is going to be epic tomorrow.  See, as I go through thousands of pictures every day, I come across a wide variety of Dopeness.  Some is appropriate for the next day, some for Hump Day, some for Sideboob Saturday, etc.  I even have random galleries of “beach” dopeness and “420” dopeness just waiting for the right time to unleash them into cyberspace.  So usually, come Tuesday, I’ve got a half a Hump Day Dopeness gallery ready.  And on this Tuesday, Hump Day is already lookin’ quite solid my friends.


PF Flyers Authentic American Style

American Music Video Director, Melina Matsoukas, talks about Style, Film, Inspiration, Herself and her mantra.

0 to Lose – The Dream Team Collection (+ discount code)

In these next few weeks, you would be hard pressed to find a single article of clothing that would be more dope than one of these 1992 vs 2012 “Dream Team Collection” shirts/tanks/crews from 0 To Lose.  This lineup is sick.  AND, I’ve got a discount code for you to save 15%.  

Monday Dopeness (38 pics)

I frikkin love watching the Olympics.


Drink of the Week: The Ballsmopolitan

F*ckin’ A, sneakhype bro. It’s movie night with the lady friend, and she’s not too happy with the last four selections you made at redbox: the Batman with Jack as the Joker; the Batman with  the ever foxy Michelle Pfeiffer1 as cat woman; and the two Christian Bail Batmans. Evidently the import of preparing for The Dark Knight Rises escapes her. Has there ever been an actress who 1) employed the back to back consonant combo of pf in their name and 2) appeared in two movies in a three year span that fulfilled about 97% of adolescent male sexual fantasies: a blonde in a skin-tight leather cat-suit and a domineering, sexy first year teacher in the hood of LA? Let’s think: in the latter department, Halle Berry gave a valiant effort with a riveting performance (both sexually and theatrically) as an impoverished, single, about-to-bone Billy Bob Thorton MILF in Monster’s Ball. Alas, she fell short with a piss poor Catwoman movie. And we can’t think of any actress or actor fulfilling the former ‘pf’ criteria. If you, reader, can help up with this quandary, please add your ideas to the comments section. [↩]

Sideboob Saturday (34 pics)

Some Sideboob Chicken Selects for ya as you watch the Olympics on this fine weekend.  

Budweiser – Makers Of Tomorrow (Video)

Budweiser grabs Jay-Z to narrate this promotional-type video for the Made In America Festival.  The festival is sponsored by Budweiser, and is happening September 1st & 2nd.  “28 Bands, 3 Stages, 1 Weekend.”

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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