Modern Workspaces By Bates Smart Architects (20 Pics)

It’s been awhile since we’ve featured some dope offices or workspaces.  These were all done by the people at Bates Smart Architects.  They have two locations, both in Australia.  One in Sydney, and one in Melbourne.  Looks like they do some dope work.


Kaloopy Media – Run Through Fire (Video)

Honestly, I think I would pay the guys at Kaloopy to let me work for them.  They have one of the coolest jobs out there.  Here’s another new video from them.  Happy Hump Day!

The Nike Logo Project

This would be awesome to see in person.  It looks like a giant display of every logo that Nike has used throughout it’s history.


Jay-Z & Kanye West – No Church In The Wild (Music Video)

I’ve heard this song used in a couple movie trailers over the last 6 months.  It’s good to finally see the song get it’s own set of visuals.  The video turned out super dope.  Enjoy.

Hump Day Dopeness – Part I (40 pics)

Ladies and gentlemen (but mostly gentlemen)… I give to you… the often imitated, never duplicated… the one and only… Hump Day Dopeness.  Behold!

Nigel Sylvester – Get Sylvester (Episode 4)

In episode 4 of Get Sylvester, Nigel hits the Gatorade lab for a series of tests.  Then catch him in NYC for the Nike Broadway Bowl.  Motivational stuff.

Best Of Workaholics (Video)

With the return of Workaholics tonight, I figured this video was fitting for today.  I’m guessing this episode tonight is going to be so tight butthole.

Epic Paintball Battle (Video)

These guys just took paintballing to a whole new level. 


Pusha T – Exodus 23:1 (Music Video)

I’ll hold back any comments regarding the GOOD Music & YMCMB beef.  This new video from Pusha is so dope though.  I’m definitely curious to see if we get an actual LP from him soon.

Diamond Supply Co. Leather Wrapped Sunglasses

Diamond Supply Co. is releasing these leather wrapped sunglasses today, online and at their Fairfax shop in LA. Not only are these sunglasses wrapped in leather, they are polarized as well. They come in two different styles – a gold pair with traditional leather, and a silver pair which features croc leather around the ears. 

Skate Moss

As of right now, I don’t think these will be available for purchase anywhere.  I definitely need a couple of these though.  Check out the Skate Moss website after the jump.

BMW Z4 Zagato Coupe

It’s nice to see a new model from BMW.  Not too much info on this thing yet, but I’m sure it’s super sick.

Tuesday Dopeness (37 pics)

“Mom, it’s fine, it’s not porn, it’s just Dopeness.  See look, they just mix in a couple hot chicks with pictures of crazy animals and the occasional fat person falling off a moped.  You’ll love it too.”

Oakley Frogskin – Acid Tortoise Series

New from Oakley this summer is the “Acid Tortoise” series of Frogskins. The black, blue, and orange models feature lenses that increase visual contrast and boost depth perception, while the pink and green give off neutral transmissions to help maintain color recognition. These are available now at Oakley retailers including Active. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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