Odd Future’s Loiter Squad – Episode 1 (Video)

Last night Odd Future’s new TV series Loiter Squad officially premiered on Adult Swim. There a few funny parts in the first episode but I’m still not sure about this show. What do you guys think?


Kaloopy Media – The Blonde REDUX (Video)

Yeah, I’m starting to the enjoy these videos from Kaloopy Media more & more.  Don’t skip ahead, but just wait ’til it hits 53 seconds in.  Happy Hump Day!

Batman Money Clip – $25

This would be a lot cooler if it doubled as a weapon.  Although, I’d probably get in a lot more trouble if it did.  Originally $39, the Batman money clip is now on sale for $25.  Dope.

Total Recall 2012 – Teaser Trailer (Video)

You thought Inception was crazy?  Psssh, Total Recall has a trailer within a trailer with this new teaser trailer.  Did I say trailer enough times?  I just got to ask, why Colin Farrell?  They better not ruin this movie, and I better see the lady with the 3 jugs.

Nike Free Run+ 3

The Free Run from Nike has been one of my favorite shoes over the past few years.  The very first in the line is still my favorite, but these new Free Run+ 3’s are definitely still dope.  They’re starting to hit retailers now.

Diane Von Furstenburg’s Glass Penthouse

You can just tell from the name that this place is going to be dope.

Reconstructed Works By Pep Ventosa

The Reconstructed Works series was put together by award-winning photographer Pep Ventosa. Ventosa uses hundreds of individual photographs to recreate these landmarks from around the world.

Hump Day Dopenass – Part I (45 pics)

I love Hump Day as much as the next guy BUT, I sure do wish it was Friday already.  Hope this helps.


Tenacious D – To Be The Best (Video)

It looks like Tenacious D is making a return to the music scene. In this new video the duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass give us a look at what they have been doing for past few years and preview their new song, “To Be The Best”, from their upcoming album, Rize of the Fenix. 

Amazing Places to Experience Around the Globe (Part 4)

Our friends over at The Cool Hunter just put together another part to their series “Amazing Places to Experience Around the Globe”.  Just like the first 3, all of the places look truly amazing.

Nike Air Max 95 – Black/Volt

The Air Max 95 is no doubt an iconic shoe in Nike’s family tree.  Sprinkle in a little Sneakhype colorway, and you got a winner in my eyes.  These are out now, and at select Nike retailers.

Andrew Dickey – Black Bike Vol. 1 (Video)

I could totally do this.  Ok, that’s definitely not true.  This guy is crazy talented on two wheels.  This was filmed in Melbourne, and it’s titled “vol. 1″, so I can only hope that the next one is on it’s way soon.

Otter Cove Residence in California

I feel like having a home hanging over rocks like this would be a little scary.  Nonetheless, the views from this place would be awesome.  It reminds me of Ironman’s house a little bit.

Tuesday Dopeness (36 pics)

Now taking slogan suggestions for The Dopeness.  “The Dopeness – …”  I got nothin’.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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