Featured Artist: Pery Burge (19 Pics)

How about some more artwork today?  This is a tad bit different than the street art we posted just a little earlier.  Photographer Pery Burge uses a macro lens in attempt to capture the natural movement of ink and paint in water.  They all look pretty dope to me.

Nike Sportswear Spring ’12 Track & Field Collection

I love collections like this from Nike.  Clean, simple, and comfortable.  Everyone has those days where they just want to throw on a pair of sweats, and lounge around all day.  Although this is supposed to be “track & field” gear, it looks perfect for lounging.

Some Street Art (28 pics)

I don’t care if you do it between 3:52 am and 5:00 am… how do people pull some of this stuff off without getting caught?  

Earphone Earrings ($24)

So ladies… are these cool or completely ridiculous?  It’s an interesting concept, no doubt, BUT what if you’re already wearing earrings.  Then you’re double dippin’ on ear flare.  Plus, I have enough troubles with my headphones getting all tangled ‘n shit in my pocket.  These would rip off on the first pull.

TGIF Dopeness (37 pics)

All I wanna do this weekend is sleep and post Dopeness.

Stik Figa – Never Heard Of ‘Em

On March 3rd, our good friend Stik Figa will be dropping his new project titled, Choosy Moms Choose Stik.  This is an exclusive track that will not be featured on the project, but we got it for you here.

Never Never Land House in Ibiza

I can’t tell if this is a house or a giant play place for adults at first look.  The vibrant colors on the outside look pretty dope, and the fact you don’t see colors like that on the outside of a house very often makes it even cooler.  Andres Jaque did a fantastic job with this one.


Pong Beer ($18)

I shouldn’t jump to conclusions since I’ve haven’t tried this beer yet, but I can only imagine this beer having the taste of Milwaukee’s Best.  Beer Pong is without a doubt one of the most popular college drinking games.  Now, you can buy a beer tailored specifically for the game.

American Reunion (Official Trailer)

It’s crazy to think it’s been about 13 years since the first American Pie movie came out.  I remember being a kid, and getting all pissed because my parents wouldn’t let me watch it.  It’s definitely been a pretty solid series of movies.  Here’s the trailer for the newest edition to the American Pie series.

Featured Hottie: Jessica Burciaga (17 Pics)

I don’t like to play favorites when it comes to my model girlfriends, but after the last couple videos we posted of Jessica, I’d have to say she’s in my top 3.  What a follow-up to both the dopeness posts from yesterday.  Man, she’s gorgeous.

Nike SB Dunk High – Guinness

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a beer-themed colorway from Nike SB.  My all-time favorite is the Newcastles.  These particular ones just dropped, and are available for purchase now.


Supercharged Mobility Scooter (Video)

Most of us have seen the commercials for the Mobility Scooter company.  I’ve never really had a need for one considering I can still walk just fine on both legs, but after watching this I have to get one.  I don’t know that it is actually “supercharged”, but something was obviously done to tweak it so it can reach 70MPH.

Thursday Dopeness (41 pics)

I really should call this gallery Hump Day Hangover Dopeness because 1. I got some booty in hurr, and 2. I’m really hungover and had to wake up early to finish this post.  

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (42 Pics)

The Dopeness just keeps on giving.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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