The Big Lebowski Art Prints ($20)

The Big Lebowski is possibly one of the biggest cult movies of all-time.  Here are a bunch of prints for you to hang on your wall featuring little tidbits from the movie.  Not too shabby at a price of $20.

VoTD: Bobby Brown – Solar System

I was quite confused when I saw the name Bobby Brown, but this is not the Mr. Brown you might be thinking of.  This is a professional skier by the same name though.  The video shows him putting in some work in preparation for the X Games in Breckenridge.

If Oscar Nominated Movie Posters Told The Truth (15 Pics)

These posters are probably a lot funnier if you have seen the movies. Either way, enjoy.

Waterproof Notebook ($6)

For all those times you want to go journal about your feelings in the rain. 

Featured Hottie – Jennie June (39 pics)

I present to you, her majesty the Queen… of self-pics: Jennie June.  Her eyes.  Dwam.

Friday Dopeness (40 Pics)


Kazakhstan’s Brand New Subway System

After 23 years of construction, Kazakhstan’s brand new subway system has finally been opened in the city of Almaty. As far as Subways go, this is one of the dopest I’ve seen. In fact, it may be the cleanest ever built. The marble floors and elaborate designs have actually turned the Subway into somewhat of a tourist attraction in the area. It  is used by about 30,000 people daily but most of the visitors just ride it for fun. I wonder how long they can keep this subway in it’s pristine condition.

The Pop-A-Shot World Champ (Video)

This may be a useless skill but at least it got him onto Sports Center.


Nixon Oxyde Collection

Nixon went for the rustic look with their new Oxyde collection. The collection consists of five watches — the Time Teller, Mellor, Sentry, Corporal, and Private  — as well as a wallet, credit card holder, iPad case, and two belts, all of which are constructed out of premium leather. All of the timepieces feature an oxidized face, giving them a real vintage feel. You can purchase all the items from this collections now from Nixon’s online store.

VoTD: 9five Eyewear Office League

Shout out to the homies at 9five Eyewear!  This video is great.  This is how it should be in every office.

Vans California Spring ’12 Footwear

You know it’s going to be a good day when some new Vans drop.  These are all for this upcoming Spring season. I will take all of them in a size 10.5.

Porsche Cayman S – 2 Million Facebook Fans

We need to hurry up and get to 2 million Facebook fans, so that we can do something cool like this.  Porsche took one of their Cayman S models and put a photo of every Facebook fan of theirs on it.  Right now it’s on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany.

Lake Union Floating Home

I’ve always wanted to live in a place like this. Nothing says ballin’ like a floating house.


KU: The Allen Fieldhouse Experience (Video)

Going to a basketball game at Allen Fieldhouse is a truly unique sports experience. If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending a game, I strongly suggest you put it on your to-do list. Here is a look inside the best college basketball atmosphere in the country.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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