Eastbound & Down – Season 3 (Official Trailer)

We showed you a little teaser for the upcoming season of Eastbound & Down a week or so ago.  Now, we have the first official trailer.  Season starts February 19th.  I can’t wait.

Bang Bang Gun Doorknob

We’ve seen a lot of gun & weapon accessories lately.  I think this one is my favorite so far.  I haven’t been able to find anything on pricing and availability, but I’ll update you if I come across anything.

The Fish House By Guz Architects

I love everything about this house except the fact that you have to mow the lawn on the roof. But I think that’s a sacrifice I would be willing to make.

Nike Air Force 1 iD – Elephant Samples

If you haven’t heard Nike iD is adding the elephant print option to the AF1 model starting February 1st.  They are only going to have 750 pairs available.  So, if that’s something you’re wanting to add on your custom shoes you should get their fast.  These are some samples for you to check out featuring the elephant print.

Cris Cab – Echo Boom (Mixtape)

Most of the time when people hear the word “mixtape” they think hip-hop or rap.  This is a nice project to take you away from that norm, and switch it up a bit.  Cris Cab mixes in a little reggae with a little pop, and the outcome is pretty dope.

Acura NSX Super Bowl Ad Featuring Jerry Seinfield (Video)

You got to admit, Jerry is still a pretty funny dude.  This is an extended version of a Super Bowl ad for this year.  Acura is really going to be pushing this new NSX it seems.

Nike Air Force 1 – 30th Anniversary Tees

The AF1 is definitely one of the most well-known Nike silhouettes of all-time.  They were originally introduced in 1982, so this year marks the 30th anniversary.  These t-shirts commemorate that anniversary.

Aerial Photography By Klaus Leidorf (30 Pics)

Apparently this photographer, Klaus Leidorf, took these images while flying a Cessna 172 and steering with his feet. Like a boss.

Asics Gel Lyte III Limited Edition January Releases

ASICS has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, largely in part to their collaborations with Ronnie Fieg. It’s only right that ASICS release a limited edition run of their Gel Lyte III model at Ronnie’s store KITH. The limited edition Gel Lyte III’s come in three colorways including Red/Blue/White, Lime/Black/Infared and White/Royal/Purple.

Tuesday Dopeness (37 pics)

Dopeness 101: if you want to share just ONE image from the Dopeness, you just click on the image, and then use the link to that new page.  Long story short: we’re trying to take over the world, and it would happen a lot quicker if you would blast our shit all over your Facebook and whatnot.  K thanks.  

Blake Griffin Posterizes Kendrick Perkins (Video)

Well just a few days after Lebron James threw down possibly the nastiest dunk of the season, Blake Griffin decided to change that.  They’re both pretty dirty, but who do you think has the better dunk?

The Zombie Survival Guide ($12)

There is a pretty good chance that we will experience some sort of zombie apocalypse in our lifetime. Why not be prepared for it?

Train Photography by Aaron Durand

These remind me of some high-speed photographs we had on here awhile back.  These particular photos were done by Aaron Durand using a slow shutter.  I wish I knew more about photography so that I could go out and do things like this.


Bluetooth Headphones ($40)

If you’re anything like me, pulling a knotted up mess of headphone cables out of your pocket for the fourth time in a single day, is enough to make you want to spike a labrador puppy on the sidewalk as if you scored the game winning touchdown in the Super Bowl.  Save puppies.  Go wireless.  Plus, a price point of 40 bucks is hard to argue with.  

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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