adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott is known for his outrageous collaborations with adidas and his latest collection is no different. The majority of this stuff I would never wear but I’m sure some of our viewers could pull it off.

Nixon Block Speakers

Nixon does no wrong when it comes to accessories.  These new block speakers are perfect for music lovers on the go that need some compact speakers.  They come in white or black, and are available now.


Brain Gang Blue – Numb (EP + Music Video)

Our homie Brain Gang Blue just dropped his new EP for you to enjoy.  I’m feeling the vibe on this project a lot.  I’ve also included the video for his track “Party On” for your viewing pleasure.  It’s pretty trippy.

The Top 11 Most Viewed Hotties of 2011

These are the hotties that you guys looked at the most this year.  Ranked from 11 to 1.  If I did my own rankings it would be a tad bit different.  Either way you get to look at a bunch of hot girls.  Enjoy.

VoTD: Kevin Durant is a Boss

Living in Kansas, we don’t have a team to really cheer for in the NBA.  The next best thing is our neighbors underneath us in Oklahoma, the Thunder.  Kevin Durant is top 3 in the NBA right now if you ask me.  This dude is unreal.

Suck UK – Skate Mirror

This would be a dope accessory for any man cave or bachelor pad.  Tired of regular looking mirrors?  Switch it up with this Skate Mirror from Suck UK.  It’s available now, and you can get purchase info after the jump.

You Need the KobeSystem (Video)

“You can do rad skateboard tricks.”

Friday Dopeness (41 pics)

I sometimes waste 10 or 15 minutes trying to decide which picture to use as the “featured image” or preview thumbnail.  When in doubt… TITTIES.

Nixon – The Steelcat

I’m always changing my mind on how big a fan I am when it comes to timepieces.  Some days I have to have something on my wrist, and other I go crazy if I have a watch on.  One thing is for certain, Nixon is always one of my top choices when I’m flexing my wrist game.  This is a new model from them called the Steelcat.

Top 11 Most Viewed Dopeness Galleries of 2011

Check out the most popular Dopeness galleries of 2011.  You picked ‘em.  We just posted ‘em. 

VoTD: Squirrel Dodges Lamborghini

This is the luckiest squirrel ever.

Amazing Places Around the World – Part III

If you haven’t ever seen part 1 or 2, then you should probably look at this first.  When you’re done though, go back and look at the others.  I want to take a trip to all of these places before I kick the bucket.  So dope.

Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke – The Gift

Nike Sportswear has created a special pair of Bespoke AF1’s to show their appreciation of all their fans and supporters. These limited edition kicks are not for sale. The only way to get a pair is to win them. NSW is giving away these custom Air Force 1’s via the 21 Mercer Twitter account.  “The Gift,” as they are being called, features premium materials on the upper with a dope detailed inner lining and a gift-wrapped box logo on the heel of the shoe. 21 Mercer has already given away a few pairs of these AF1’s, but more will be handed out throughout the week.

Thursday Dopeness (35 Pics)

The best things in life are usually in the Dopeness.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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