Dart Coat Hooks

Attention to detail is always key.  These swanky stainless steel darts that work as coat hooks will definitely show that you pay attention to every detail when it comes to decorating your playboy pad.  They were designed by Anthony Chrisp.  No word on release, but as always, we’ll keep you posted.

Tuesday Dopeness (37 pics)

I might spend 3 hours collecting Dopeness, and another 30 minutes staring at this screen trying to figure out what to type as an intro. 

Mishka Holiday ’11 Sweaters

Mishka comes once again with the heat for this holiday season.  These are a bunch of hoodies, crewnecks, and cardigans to keep you warm & fresh.  Purchase info after the jump.

Light Paint Can By Glow Graffiti

This is a must have for all you light graffiti artists out there. The Light Paint Can by Glow Graffiti is a super-bright LED light housed in a very convincing spray paint can. The Light Paint Can also comes with stencils and a reusable UV-sensitive backdrop so that your light paintings will last longer for film or video. You can get yours now for only $39.00 right here.

Wake N’ Bacon Alarm Clock

No one likes waking up to loud, obnoxious noise in the morning, but until now there haven’t been many other alternatives. The Wake N’ Bacon alarm clock gently wakes you up with the irresistible aroma of bacon. Just put a couple strips of pre-cooked bacon in the teflon cooking tray the night before and set the alarm. When the alarm goes off the halogen bulb will heat up the bacon fill your room with the delicious smell of bacon.

A Look Inside The New Matthew Knight Arena

The University of Oregon recently opened their new state-of-the-art Matthew Knight Arena, named after the late son of Nike co-founder Phil Knight. The $227 million dollar event center was designed by TVA Architects of Portland and Ellerbe Becket of Kansas City. The arena might be best known for its special hardwood floor graphics, designed by the iconic Tinker Hatfield, and its custom built “Duck Truck.” 

VoTD: “Brinicle” Ice Finger of Death

Just when you think you’ve seen every worthwhile nature video… another one comes along and blows your freaking mind.  Mother nature is the ultimate Dopeness.

Monday Dopeness (40 pics)

Life is like a gallery of Dopeness; you never know what you’re gonna get.  But today, I can tell you that there’s an abundance of females.  Hope that’s OK.

Sunday Animation Dopeness (16 GIFs)

This page will take like 7 minutes to load.  Good things come to those who wait. 

Video of The Day: World’s Greatest Stuntman

Damien Walters is the human highlight real.

Attractive Females & Facts (27 pics)

Each picture of a hot chick is garnished with a random bit of trivia.  Who knows if the facts are true?  The real question though: Who cares? 

Saturday Dopeness (39 pics)

I’m thankful for weekend Dopeness.

A Tribute To Ryan Dunn (Official Trailer)

On Monday, November 28th, MTV will be airing a special titled, A Tribute To Ryan Dunn.  This is the official trailer to give you an idea of what you’ll be watching.  He was definitely gone too soon.  RIP.

The NBA Lockout is Over! (25 Pics)

It looks like the NBA lockout is pretty much over, so I figured we would celebrate like we did when the NFL lockout ended.  Hottie cheerleaders anyone?

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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