mr.kennedy 24K Gold Shoe Laces

These aren’t completely ridiculous or anything.  They are 24 karat gold shoe laces by mr.kennedy that are going to be a limited run of 10 pieces.  They will probably go pretty quick, since they’re only $19,000.

Mishka Fall ’11 Hoodies

I don’t think any Mishka post will be as good as the last one we did, but these are still some dope hoodies for this fall.  These are available now over at their online shop.

Monday Dopeness (38 pics)

Frikkin Mondays man. 

Sunday Dopeness (27 pics)

Just a little mini dose of Dopeness for you on this fine Sunday.  I couldn’t get too crazy with it, because I’m going to have to find another 40 pics in 12 hours when I start scraping the Internet for Monday Dopeness. 

Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia (29 Pics)

Game over.  Cut the check.  I don’t plan on getting married, but either way I’m taking a fake or a real honeymoon at this exact spot here.  This place just looks amazing.

Video Of The Day: A Duet With Siri (iPhone 4S Song)

It will always be crazy to me how quickly Apple products become popular.  Songs, videos, accessories, they all come out within weeks of a product dropping.

Nike SB P-Rod 5 – Lunarlon

The new P-Rod’s in a Sneakhype colorway?  Hell yeah, I’m definitely down with these.  Available at Premier now.


Maserati Kubang

There’s always been a few manufacturers that I’ve wanted to see some sort of SUV/Crossover automobile from, and Maserati is one of those.  This is the new crossover model for them that’s supposed to be named the Kubang.  Looks dope, but I wish we had some interior shots of it.

Friday Dopeness (42 Pics)

Dang….what’s up with all these books?

Video Of The Day: Chick-Fil-A Anthem

Today’s VOTD was made by Chick-fil-a enthusiast, Roman Johnson. The actual title of the song is “See You On Monday.” In case you didn’t know, Chick-fil-a is closed on Sundays. Check it out.

Bamford Watch Department Rolex Explorer 2

Bamford Watch Department has been customizing luxury watches since 2004, specializing in Rolex models. Their latest offering is the Rolex Explorer 2. They gave it a custom black military-grade PVD finish, to which the customer can add different colors to details like the dial, second hand, and logo. Engraving on the the dial and back case is also available. You can design your own watch under the “Customiser” section of the Bamford website.

World’s Most Expensive Cereals

You know how many rappers would have “Gucci Loops” in their song if these were real?  I don’t know either, but my guess is a lot.

Maestro Knows Special Edition – Johannesburg (Video)

There are so very many unoriginal things out there today, especially on the internet.  Thanks to Maestro Knows though, you get something original, inspiring, & motivating.  This is a special edition filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Observatory House (16 Pics)

Every house should come standard with a rooftop pool.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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