Android Dreams – Tokyo Time Lapse (Video)

You guys are up for another time lapse video right?  This one was done in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and is paired up with the soundtrack from Blade Runner.  Dope.

Hump Day Dopeness (43 pics)

Today’s Dopeness gallery serves great purpose.  (See final image in gallery for further explanation.)

Video Of The Day: iGlide – Dubsteb (Christina Aguilera)

I can’t lie, I used to get high and try to dance like this when I was in high school.

Tuesday Dopeness – Part II (36 pics)

What a lovely Tuesday it is.


Dom Kennedy – When I Come Around (Music Video)

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen some new visuals from Dom.  This track, When I Come Around, is off his most recent project, From The Westside With Love 2.  If you haven’t copped that yet, go on and do that.

Air Jordan VI Carmine Sculpture

I need this in my bedroom immediately.  This happens to be a sculpture of my favorite pair of Air Jordan’s.  The Retro VI Carmine, so dope.


Video Of The Day: Melanie Iglesias Flip Book 3 (Halloween Edition)

Yep, just in time for Halloween.  The much-awaited third flip book from the wonderful Melanie Iglesias.  We’re dating now, just in case you guys hadn’t heard.  Enjoy.

Nike Zoom KD 4 NERF

If the packaging to this shoe comes with that mini basketball hoop, I’m getting these just for that.  Anything from NERF was in my top 3 favorite toys as a kid.  These are scheduled for a limited release in November, be on the lookout.


Carbon Fiber Magic Mac Collection

Can you believe that I even dare type up this post from my PC laptop?  I know, my life sucks, right?  I will happily be the proud owner of an iMac once one of you hooligans sends me one.  This is a new collection for the Magic Mac accessories in a carbon fiber edition.

Jordan Brand – Love The Game (Video)

With more and more of the NBA season being cancelled on what seems like a weekly basis, Jordan Brand gives their take on what some of the stars are up to.

Tuesday Dopeness – Part I (24 pics)

These exact phrases were or will be said in a college dorm room today, “Dude check it out: two part Dopeness today.” … “Sweet, gimme the laptop .”

Video Of The Day: Halloween Light Show to Party Rock Anthem

I didn’t even know people did displays like this for Halloween.  What’s scary about this?  Either way, it’s pretty dope.

1001 Nights House (30 Pics)

Well, the good thing is we know that the outside of this dwelling is extremely dope.  I got to start getting some looks at the interior of places like this.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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