Scuplture Home By A-Cero Architects

This house is truly a work of art. The Sculpture Home, located in Madrid, Spain, was designed by A-Cero Architects who are known for their modern architecture. This may be one of their most impressive projects yet. Take a look after the jump. 

Good Wood X All Things Fresh – Drake Gift Set

Good Wood hooked up with All Things Fresh to give Drake a special gift set for his 25th birthday. The custom box set consists of shot glasses, necklaces, bracelets, iPhone 4 cases and a couple of OVO owls.

Video Of The Day: Halloween Prank Goes Wrong

If you haven’t seen this yet, you probably don’t own a computer.  I still felt like it was necessary to show tribute since it’s Halloween.  By the way, go CHIEFS tonight!

Brandages Bandaids

Tired of looking like everyone else with your regular looking band-aids?  These Brandages Bandaids are definitely for you then.  I’d say they’re quite the steal for $7.95.  Plus, anytime we are given a chance to show some cleavage we feel like we need to take it.

Nike SB – Top 10 Halloween Sneakers

Our friends over at Sneakerfiles put together the top 10 sneaks that Nike SB has put out that are Halloween themed.  How many of these do you guys own?  Which ones are your favorite?


Common – Blue Sky (Music Video)

Haven’t heard much from Common in a little bit, this is his new single off his upcoming LP, The Dreamer/The Believer.  The song is produced by No I.D. who is also supposed to be producing the entire upcoming album.

Frikkin’ Amazing Carved Pumpkins

And he does it all using just one toothpick.  …not really, I have no idea what he uses, but I do know that artist Ray Villafane carves some insanely dope pumpkins. 

Halloween Dopeness (36 pics)

If you had a good costume, or if you’re a girl, send us a picture (submit [at] and maybe we’ll see ya on Tuesday Dopeness tomorrow.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – Theatrical Trailer

Tom Cruise is back in the latest installment of the Mission: Impossible series. From the looks of the trailer, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol should be a lot better than the most recent MI movies. Take a look.

The New Fad: Tebowing (22 Pics)

Well, folks it’s time for another trend that is sure to kill a good 5-6 minutes of your day.  I present to you…. Tebowing.

Nike Air Force One Bespoke – Dom Perignon & Dutch Masters

These might be the dopest concepts for Bespokes I’ve ever seen.  We all know that our Bespokes are pretty much the best ever, but these are definitely up there.


Flos Bedside Gun Lamp

All my life, all I ever wanted was a golden gun from the N64 game, Golden Eye.  Thanks to the designer of this, Philippe Starck, I can at least have a golden gun lamp now.

Video Of The Day: Slow Motion Pumpkin Smashing

Who’s ready for Halloween weekend?  Not me, I hate this holiday.  Ba-humbug.

TGIF Dopeness (35 pics)

Thank God It’s F**kin Dopeness.  Hey, there’s a lot of GIFs in this gallery — might take a minute to load.  You guys know to hit the “Expand all images” link at the top of the thumbnails… right? 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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