Sunday Safari Dopeness (73 Pics)

If you were at Tonic’s safari party a week ago you might have seen some of these on the TV screens.  If you didn’t make it to that party, this is for you.  I think this might be the largest dopeness post ever by the way.  Enjoy.


Wiz Khalifa – Taylor Gang (Official Video)

Wiz Khalifa just released the official video for his Taylor Gang anthem. Take a look after the jump.

Nike Air Huarache Basketball 2012

Anytime I see the Huarache tag on any shoe, I’m instantly intrigued.  I’m glad to see them bring back a dope Huarache Basketball model for 2012.  These are 4 different colorways slated for Summer ’12.

Video Of The Day: Tom Wallisch Dew Tour Breckenridge GoPro Edit

This video is actually kind of old, but it’s one of my favorite videos.  The soundtrack should also help put you in the mood to get a little crazy this weekend.


Russian General Celebrities

This gave me a good laugh for a few minutes, should do the same for you.  These were done by replaceface, and they include the likes of Steve Jobs, Tom Cruise, Simon Cowell, and many more.

The Infinity Room

This is a giant installation from French artist Serge Salat.  I don’t know about you, but this room might freak me out a bit.  He uses mirrors to create optical illusions that makes this single room look like infinity.  Looks nuts.

Floyd Mayweather’s Fiance: Shantel Jackson

I’m tired of everyone debating Floyd Mayweather’s victory over Victor Ortiz. That’s old news. I want to hear what you guys think of Floyd’s fiance, Shantel Jackson. Do you think Mayweather could have done better?

Friday Dopeness (41 pics)

TGIF Dopeness.  Thank God It’s F*ckin Dopeness. 

Thursday Dopeness – Part II (35 Pics)

Part two of the dopeness.  One step closer to the weekend.


adidas Office Interior By KINZO

The adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany recently got a makeover courtesy of Berlin based design company, KINZO. KINZO wanted to design a space that would reflect the adidas brand as well as stimulate teamwork and creativity. It looks like they did a pretty good job. 


Video Of The Day: Real-Life Tron Light Cycle

The dudes over at Parker Brothers Choppers have created a fully functional replica of the Tron Light Cycle complete with glowing blue lights running along the body. Check it out.

Hilltop Compound in Bel Air

Having a home that’s referred to as a compound has always been a little freaky to me.  Almost sounds like it’s a prison or something.  This house is obviously no prison though, and has lots of places to lounge inside of it’s 40,000 sq. ft.  Need a place to crash?  No worries, it also has 28 bedrooms.


Mercedes 300 SLR Built From Scrap Metal

I can’t even begin to imagine how long this took.  This is a replica of a Mercedez-Benz 300 SLR built from around 10,000 pieces of scrap metal.  Crazy.  They put this one up for sale for just over $94,000.  Talk about a conversation piece for your living room.


DOPE Couture Los Angeles

DOPE Couture recently opened up a new boutique in Los Angeles. As expected the place looks pretty… dope. Take a look for for yourself.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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