Maestro Knows – Special Edition (The Sylvester)

Maestro Knows is possibly my favorite thing on the entire worldwide web.  Fresh, original content every time that showcases extremely dope individuals.  This edition features Nigel Sylvester who we’ve seen collab with brands like G-Shock, and Gatorade as of recent.  Make sure you watch this whole thing too, my heart was racing.

Sunday Dopeness (36 pics)

Today, July 24th 2011, is Sneakhype’s 3rd birthday.

iPhone 4 Case with Bottle Opener by Opena

I wouldn’t leave it on my phone all the time, but it would be a good case to switch to if you knew you were going to a house party or going to meet your girlfriend’s parents.  Get your Opena case here for 39.95. 


How To Make It In America Season 2 Trailer

I love this show. Its basically my replacement for Entourage. Season 2 looks like its going be a hit. Check it out. 

Friday Dopeness (34 Pics)

Start the weekend off right with some Dopeness.

Weekend Start-Up with Chiddy Bang, Macklemore, Fashawn, and More

Seems like a good week to try something new.  Need a kick-start to your weekend?  We got you!  Here’s some music videos to get you in the right vibe to conquer all your crazy adventures during the weekend.

The Like Hanger

People are always coming up with all sorts of products to capitalize off the popularity of Facebook.  I like this one a lot, though.  It’s only going to set you back $30, and would look pretty sick coming out of your wall.


Paintball Gun Graffiti

I always thought regular graffiti must have taken long, I can’t imagine how long this had to take.  Apparently, these are paintball legends that Mountain Dew rounded up to create these pieces of art.  They also seem to have some of the best marketing ideas.

Sci-Fi Apartment in Spain

I know we do quite a few homes on here, but these last couple condo/apartments have been extremely dope.  For me, it kind of puts of the hotel vibe into it, and I happen to love hotels.

Thursday Dopeness – Part 2 (30 Pics)

Part 2 of today’s Dopeness.

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NBA 2K12 Covers

2K Sports just revealed the covers for the highly anticipated game, NBA 2K12.  Kind of a let down that they went old school for the second year in a row.  They should’ve gave it to Mark Cuban.  That was a joke kids.

SossBox – Hermetically Sealed “Tobacco” Container

This is the SossBox. They say it was to made to store Tobacco and other dried herbs/spices, but its actually just a weed jar. A very,  very expensive weed jar. The SossBox is a food-grade, hermetically-sealed container guaranteed to keep your finest herbs as fresh as the day you bought them. It is constructed from solid aluminum and features magnetic stackable modular sections, including an optional screen section (kief catcher). Not to mention, they look really dope too. But with the price starting at $250 bucks the SossBox may be more expensive than the ganja you are storing in it. However, if you are a baller like myself, you don’t really care. 


Pusha T Ft. Tyler, The Creator – Trouble On My Mind (Video)

This video goes hard. That’s all I got to say.

Thursday Dopeness – Part 1 (33 Pics)

That’s right people. This is only Part 1 of today’s Dopeness. Stay tuned for Part 2.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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