Air Jordan XII Low

The XII’s in my opinion are basically the end of the dope retro’s.  Everything after the XII’s just aren’t doing it for me.  I’m glad to see the low top version of this shoe get some love with an upcoming release of May 28th.

DPR House in Australia

How ’bout anotha shrimp on the barbie?  This is quite the dope crib located down under.  Both the exterior, and interior designs on this place look pretty crazy.  I wish the pool were a tad bit bigger.


Curren$y – #JetsGo (Music Video)

Dope new video for Spitta’s new track #JetsGo.

Woodsman Axe Coffee table

London designer Chris Duffy was sitting around his studio one day when he glanced down at his coffee table and thought to himself, “This table is quite nice but it’s missing something… ah yes axes”. (If you say this with an English accent it sounds more believable).  The Woodsman Axe Coffee Table is a sleek, modern addition to your living room and it comes in handy if you ever need to chop some extra fire wood.

Nike Air Max Light

Fresh out of the waffle iron, the new Nike Air Max Light in ripstop triple black doesn’t disappoint.  With red and yellow color pop on the tongue, outsole, and air bubble cushioning there is just enough contrast to make these murdered out Nikes not just another pair of black kicks.

Nixon – The Axis Watch

Nixon just added another timepiece to their already impressive collection. The Axis is available in four different colorways all featuring unique horizontal chrono placement and a clean-cut look. Take a closer look after the jump.

Tuesday Dopeness (30 Pics)

Dopeness. Gourmet style.

Vans Vault Authentic One Piece LX (13 Pics)

If you’re missing the pigskin days of football season you may want to strap these kicks on your little piggies.  The Vans Vault is releasing the all pigskin One Piece LX, a continuation of their ridonkulously successful Authentic line.  Pick up these porkers at Vans Vault dealers.

Mustache Cufflinks

For most of us cufflinks aren’t an everyday accessory, even when getting dressed up for an important business meeting or wedding.  Hell, I’ll even roll commando to a funeral… but when you really want to impress those accounts or bridesmaids you’re going to need the often over looked and often underrated cufflinks.  Mustaches aka hipster identification cards are everywhere these days. They are even showing up on cufflinks, Mustache Cufflinks will definitely make you look classy or under 30.

Desert House in California (15 Pics)

If I had to pick any terrain to live in, the desert would probably be the last.  Although is humble abode is mighty dope, when I think of the desert, I think scorpions and snakes.  I don’t like either of those things, so count me out.


Wiz Khalifa DayToday Season 4 – Episode 3

This episode of Wiz’s DayToday is a little bit longer than normal.  I can dig it.

Hot Girls With iPhones Part 2 (25 Pics)

Apple was named the world’s most valuable brand today. I’m pretty sure this is why. 

Iron Man’s House Is For Sale

Want to live like Tony Stark? Your in luck. The actual house that was used for the filming of the Iron Man movie is up for sale and it will only cost you $25 Million. Take a closer look after the jump.

Monday Dopeness (45 Pics)

We got a plus size serving of dopeness for you today. Check it out. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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