Tuesday Dopeness (32 Pics)

Dopeness is as Dopeness does.


Wale – The Cloud (Ft. Tiara Thomas)

Wale just dropped a video for his smoking anthem “The Cloud.” He must have been high when he decided to go with that hairdo…


The SNEAKHYPE Air Force 1 – “La Madre De Dios”

It is with distinct honor that we present to you, what critics and enthusiasts around the world are calling, the greatest shoe created in all of time: The SNEAKHYPE Air Force 1 Bespoke – “La Madre De Dios.” 

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Playboy Sole Mates – Top 23 Air Jordans Ever

Playboy just released their top 23 Jordan’s of all-time feature.  We have a behind-the-scenes video shoot, as well as a few of the shots from the feature.

Monday Dopeness (35 pics)

Usually, our dopeness galleries are 100% gender-neutral.  Today… not so much.  Cue the boobies ‘n booties!


Music Monday (Old School Edition)

Throwback videos out the yin yang for this week’s edition of Music Monday.  I miss ODB.  Also, rest in peace Gil-Scott.

Sunday Dopeness (38 pics)

Oh man, this sentence you are reading is so clever and contributes to the enjoyment of your dopeness viewing. 

Entree Lifestyle Spring ’11 – Delivery 2

We showed you some items from the brand Entree Lifestyle a little while ago.  Well, their second delivery from the spring 2011 collection is available over at their online shop now.  Expand your wardrobe, and go cop some Entree.


2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster

Beamer, Benz, or Bentley?  In my opinion, you would be dumb not to go with the Bentley.  This new coupe from Mercedes is still dope as hell though.  The snow white is clean, but that beige is killin’ the game.

Saturday Dopeness (39 pics)

Get this.  Somebody I met at Dairy Queen the other day told me that it’s been made official that SNEAKHYPE is actually the greatest site on the Internet. 

Super Eyewear – Summer 2011

SUPER Eyewear is stepping it up with their new Summer line.  Coming in hot with several new styles that incorporate wood inlays handmade in Italy, so you know it’s good. (The Fonz probably made it).  SUPER is pumping out solid shades faster than Arnold Schwarzenegger can pump out illegitimate children.

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Omnio wow-keys iPhone Keyboard Dock

I don’t really have any use for a keyboard like this since all my work is done on a laptop, but this thing is pretty sick.  It’s a USB keyboard that has two different modes.  PC Mode, which allows you to use the iPhone/iPod for input to the PC.  Then there’s iPhone mode, which you can use for file transferring, and uses the keyboard for text entry straight into the iPhone/Pod.

Thursday Dopeness (40 pics)

For every photo you see in the dopeness, we probably look at 10-12.  That means I probably looked at well over 300 just so you can have this here 3 minutes of bliss.  This is our job.  Your job is to tell your peeps where it’s at.  Son. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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