Graffiti Utility Pack By Spray Ground

Finding a cherry spot to hit some graff can be hard to come by these days and often involves sketchy climbs followed by a quick getaway.  Cruising around with bulky spray cans in your pockets or a crate can draw unwanted attention for the local po po’s and make it difficult to run from those pesky paunchy police.  The good folks at Spray Ground have custom built a backpack that easily conceals stores up to 8 spray cans and looks like a normal pack that an everyday, normal stand up citizen might be walking around with.

The iBox By Thodio

Ipod docks are getting more elaborate everyday so it’s always a relief to see an iPod dock that takes it back to the old school with simple styling and construction.  The iBox by Thodio does just that by building their iPod speaker out of such fine materials like rich mahogany, oak, teak and several other lavish woods. Source: Druther

Friday Dopeness (37 pics)



Kid Cudi – The Journey Of Mr. Rager (Full Documentary)

Here is Kid Cudi’s full-length documentary, “The Journey of Mr.Rager.” This documentary was originally released in conjunction with the deluxe edition of sophomore album Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager. The video, which was directed, shot and edited by Jason Goldwatch, offers a look at live performances from the tour, behind the scenes footage,  and much more.


Sasha Grey: Retired But Not Forgotten (22 Pics)

Its a sad, sad day my friends. Adult Entertainment Superstar Sash Grey has announced her retirement. She made the announcement yesterday via her Facebook saying this: “It’s become quite evident that my time as an adult film performer has expired. Don’t worry, I haven’t found Jesus. One thing is for certain, I’m proud to say I have no regrets, I genuinely feel I accomplished everything I could as a performer. I was able to work with the industry’s most professional performers and companies, and I’ll always cherish the friends and relationships I was able to build. It was simply the perfect time for me to move on… while I was on top (pun indeed, intended). Life sometimes takes us in a direction we never could have imagined.” I feel like I’m losing a good friend. Sasha was always there to keep me company on those lonely nights. No one could shove an 8-Ball up their ass quite like her. But even though she is retired she is definitely not going to be forgotten. We’d like to take this time to remember the late, great Porn-star with a photo gallery. Enjoy.

Thursday Dopeness (35 Pics)

We got a full serving of dopeness for you today.

Air Jordan VII Bordeaux – Release Info

The hype around the Air Jordan Bordeaux’s has been building up for quite some time and after much anticipation the release date is almost here. The Air Jordan 7 “Bordeaux” has been officially confirmed to release Saturday, April 16th. This will be the first time the “Bordeaux” colorway has seen the market since its original release in 1992. Who’s getting a pair this Saturday?

Hump Day Dopeness (30 Pics)

This should help you make it through the rest of the week.

David Beckham Still Has Skills

Beckham is definitely a talented soccer player but I’m pretty positive that this video is fake. It’s still pretty dope though. He pulled it off while on the set of Diet Pepsi commercial. What do you guys think? Could Beckham really pull this off?

Air Jordan III – Stealth

How many pairs of Jordan III’s are we going to see this year?  I like the III’s, so these are dope, but can we slow it down a little, Mike?  You can grab ‘em now from Marqueesole.  I haven’t came across an official release date through your regular retailers, but I would expect Fall this year.


Sculptures By Jiri Geller (15 Pics)

Finnish artist Jiri Geller takes pop culture to the next level in his work. His art is dark and playful, kind of like Megan Fox… This is probably just my excuse to post pictures of Megan Fox. Enjoy. Disclaimer: Not all pics are MF but they’re hot.

The Gun Leash

No matter how much of a badass mofo you are in your day to day life, the act of walking a dog, especially a dog of the small fluffy variety will make you look like Justin Bieber holding a foot-long pink dildo.  That was until the Gun Leash came out.  Now you can look like a gangsta even when taking Spot outside to go “potty”.  The only down side I can see with an item like this is the almost certain death you will experience when the fuzz rolls up and sees you pointing a 9mm at your dogs dome. Worth it… a definitive yes. 

Tuesday Dopeness (40 Pics)

One step closer to Hump Day.

Real Life Castle In Southern Florida

This is easily one of the dopest crib we have ever featured on SNEAKHYPE, and that’s saying a lot. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the interior yet but we do have some very impressive aerial pictures. This castle was designed by owner and architect Charles Sieger, which makes since because only an architect could come up with something this dope. There is working moat as well as a fully functional bridge. If zombies ever take over the world this is where I’m going to take refuge. The bridge and front entrance of this mansion were actually featured in the beginning of Birdman’s “Fire Flame” video.  Take a look.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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