Dope Couture Spring/Summer 2011 Lookbook

Dope Couture just released their Spring/Summer Lookbook featuring Kid Ink and DJ Ill Will. The lookbook was shot completely in Venice by Nadia Pandolfo. New product from this season releases Monday at 12PM. Take a closer look after the jump and hit up the Dope Couture store here.

Thursday Dopeness (38 pics)

Your mom wants you to look at the dopeness… so that she and I can have a few minutes alone. 

Real Mini Giraffe Farm

Shit no they’re not real, but I’m sure a handful of you fools thought they were until you got to the part where I said, “Shit no they’re not real.”  But much props goes to DirecTV for their clever commercial campaign containing the opulent Russian ultra-baller and his panty-dropping petite giraffes. The marketing company responsible for said commercials has taken the campaign a step further and solidified its dopeness and acceptance in progressive youth culture by holding the honor of gracing the homepage of  What they have done is create a fictitious Russian mini-giraffe farm, and given it a website of its own, in an attempt to create a viral sensation.  A job well-done indeed, as you may recall seeing a photo from their site land in Tuesday’s Dopeness yesterday. If I were a scientist, or had enough money to pay one, I would be genetically engineering the shit out of some giraffes right now.

Obey “Sunset & Vine Billboard” Print

Obey just revealed their latest print by Shepard Fairey. The signed and numbered Sunset & Vine Billboard print measures 18″ X 24″ in size. The print is limited to 450 pieces and will be going on sale today through Obey’s online shop for $45.


DOPE: Space Painter

My mom actually showed me this video. This dude makes a sick Outer Space Landscape painting in two minutes using only a can of spray paint and a lid to a cooking pan.

JackThreads X Vintage Frames Co. – Jack Shooters Sunglass Collection

JackThreads has hooked up with Vintage Frames Co. to release their first-ever collaboration project, the Jack Shooters Sunglass Collection. Together, the knowledgeable fashion teams hand-picked the one-of-a-kind, vintage Maui Jim frames and added selected lenses to create a singular product experience for fans of both brands.This premiere collection is limited to a run of only 230 pieces and will retail for $150 on JackThreads, instead of their usual $300 price tag. Hit up JackThreads now to get yours.

Nike SB Zoom Eric Koston One – New Model

There’s been previews of this shoe floating all around the internet, and now Nike SB decided to give us a detailed look at the shoe.  I’m guessing these are slotted for a Spring/Summer release.  Three initial colorways it appears.  I’m actually digging these a lot.

Hump Day Dopeness (30 Pics)

Hump day is probably my second favorite day of the week. 

Good Wood X Benny Gold Glider Pendants

Benny Gold linked up with New York based jewelry designers Good Wood, to create an exclusive set of glider plane pendants for the opening of their new store. They present two pendants as part of the collaboration and they will be available at the new Benny Gold flagship store in San Francisco next month.

Santorini Grace Hotel

If your planning on heading to Greece anytime soon I would recommend staying here, the Santorini Grace Hotel. This exclusive resort features 20 rooms/suites, each individually styled to perfection. Take a closer look after the jump.


Karl Lagerfeld X Diet Coke Bottle Collection 2011

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld has hooked up with Diet Coke to create this limited edition bottle collection for 2011. Designs include Stripes, polka dots and stars. Look for these to hit stores June 2011.

Tuesday Dopeness (40 Pics)

Dopeness for breakfast.

Hot Flight Attendant’s: Making Your Flight More Enjoyable Since 1976 (37 Pics)

I hate flying. But nothing helps pass the time better than staring at a dime piece for 3 hours while she serves you peanuts and refreshments. Its a shame that my flight attendants never look like this.


Dopest Van Ever: Modified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Limousines are lame, Rolls Royce’s are out, and Maybach’s are so last year. If your really doing it big, you get chauffeured around town in a Modified Mercedes-Benz Van. This Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is all party on the outside, but its all business on the inside. Each of the modified Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans provides 4 captain’s chairs in supple leather along with amenities like premium audio system with wireless headphones. Other features include two 32-inch LCD TVs with DirectTV and  high speed WiFi Internet access. Its pretty much like navigating the congested streets of Manhattan in a rolling suite.  A fleet of 12 vehicles are standing by at Brilliant Transportation hubs in New York and Los Angeles.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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