Valentine’s Day Dopeness (30 Pics)

Put those roses in a vase, light the candles, heat up the K-Y….its time for some V-Day Dopeness.  

B Movie – A Film About The Art Of Banksy

Ever since Exit Through The Gift Shop came out Banksy has been seeing a lot publicity. This weekend, a new short film about the UK street artist was released titled B Movie. It features some interesting interviews with other artists, Banksy himself, and even Dennis Hopper. Think of it as a 2nd-half to Exit Through The Gift Shop. Check it out in its entirety after the jump.

Music Monday Featuring XV, Chase N. Cashe, Machine Gun Kelly, and More

Another playlist to start off your week.  Enjoy!

Horodron HD-01

I absolutely love the design of this watch.  It’s just a concept for now, but the layout is pretty much perfect.  It features E-ink, which according to one of my best friends, is the best thing since sliced bread.  I’m going to go ahead and guess that it’ll cost you a pretty penny.  Wish I had a release date for you, but for now we’ll all have to just sit & drool.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Gaming has never been a major selling point for me when it comes to cell phones, but due to the upcoming release of this phone it must be important to quite a few others.  The Xperia Play, which is also known as the Playstation Phone, is expected to release early as March in Europe.  Shortly after seeing a release sometime in the spring for Verizon.  Looks pretty clean, but I have no need for it.  What do you guys think?

Supreme Spring/Summer ’11 Lookbook

Supreme has been a staple in the streetwear game for quite some time now.  Here we have a look at their collection coming out for this Spring & Summer.  Can’t wait to drop by their store this coming weekend.

Friday Dopeness (30 Pics)

Maverick approves.

The Emirates Palace Hotel

This ridiculously gigantic palace is The Emirates Palace luxury hotel located in Abu Dhabi. The hotel cost around $1.9 billion to build, making it the second most expensive hotel in the world. The Emirates Palace occupies 850,000m² of floor space. The hotel has 302 rooms and 92 suites. It also has 16 Palace Suites on the sixth and seventh floors. The Palace Grand Suite (7319 square feet) is the most expensive at $11,500 per night. The topmost floor has six Rulers’ Suites which are reserved solely for Emirati royalty and dignitaries and of course the SNEAKHYPE crew. The hotel also has its own fleet of luxury cars, which includes a Rolls Royce and a Maybach. There are also two swimming pools and spas, a marina, and a helipad.

Must See: UConn’s Trick Shot Quarterback (Video)

Johnny Mac, UConn’s quarterback, has some serious trick shot skills. You got to check this video out. Now if only he had as much with the ladies.

Jordan CMFT 11 – Cool Grey

I don’t like Fusion’s, Spizike’s are okay, and the retro releases are just getting more ridiculous and played out.  In another hybrid/fusion attempt, Jordan brand has been mixing retro J’s with a classic Air Max-esque sole.  I actually really dig these, simply because I’m a huge Air Max fan, and they look pretty good overall.  This particular colorway is expected to hit retailers around March.


Krink K42 – New Colours

Krink just released some new colors of their K-42 marker.  11 new colors it looks like.  They should be on their way to Krink dealers as you read this.

Thursday Dopeness (35 Pics)

Too many babies? You be the judge.

House In Nursery

What would a week be without a bunch of crazy pads to look at?  This one is located in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Pretty jealous of whoever is living it up in this joint.  It was designed by Rudi Kelana & Gerard Tambunan.  Gang of pics after the jump.


NV Euro – Soon To Become Lookbook

A brand that we’ve featured a few times on the site has been NV Euro.  They recently dropped a new collection, and it’s a bit different from what we’ve normally seen from them.  Dope crew neck sweaters, button-up’s, and some accessories.  Definitely feeling these pieces.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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