Music Monday featuring Wiz Khalifa, Yonas, Aleon Craft, and More

Feeling a bit tired from the weekend?  Here’s some music to wake you up.  Cheers.

Monday Dopeness (31 Pics)

Did anyone else think the Oscars kind of sucked? James Franco looked like he was on something and Anne Hathaway was just boring. Alright enough of that… here is some dopeness.

Delong Place

If you had to take a guess, you would probably think this home is probably located in England or something like that, right?  Well you would be extremely wrong, as it’s located right in the United States over in Lexington, Kentucky.  It features 24,000 SQ feet of space, yet it’s only a 5 bedroom house.  It certainly is a beautiful home regardless.  $6.5 mill, and this bad boy is yours.

Vans Vault – 106 Moc LX

I’m getting to the point where I’ve gave Vans about every compliment I could possibly give them.  So, I’ll just let you know those are getting ready for release, and should be ready for this year’s Spring & Summer seasons.  Two different colorways, nice accents, dopeness.  Boom.


You may or may not know that SNEAKHYPE just designed an Air Force 1 that will be coming out of the factory in about 6 weeks.  That really happened.  But what didn’t really happen is that we designed a SNEAKHYPE Lamborghini.  But if we did design one, it would basically look exactly like this 2011 Edo Competition Murcielago LP750.  It goes zero to sixty in 3.1 seconds — which is about as fast as I went from six to midnight when I saw this thing. 

The Alloy Collection By Incase

The new Alloy Collection by Incase brings it back to the future with these matte silver bags.  The packs come with all the creature comforts that you expect from Incase; cushy breathable straps, a cozy safe place for that all important notebook. maybe a stash pocket or two for your… uh pens. The Alloy Collection will run you $60-$180 but that’s a small price to pay for a fresh pack that will make you look creepily similar to those silver dudes that stand still all day for money. Source: Druther

Coffin Couches (26 Pics)

Yeah you heard right, I said coffin couches.  We’ve featured some interesting furniture designs on Sneakhype before but nothing this dark and macabre.  These couches are actually pretty stylish.  Made from recycled coffins (no grave digging action just factory seconds that were not fit to be worm feeders) and at around $3,500 a pop these couches are not for everyone.  Dig yours at Coffin Couches… that is if you’re into that sort of thing. Source: Druther


The Hangover Part 2 – Official Teaser Trailer

The rumors are true. The sequel to The Hangover is coming out. Most sequels aren’t very good but there is pretty much no way this movie could suck. Check out the trailer, which will have to hold us over until Memorial Day.

Friday Dopeness (30 Pics)

Its Friday, you deserve some dopeness.

Killian Martin: A Skate Revolution (Video)

And I thought normal skateboarding was hard. This dude takes it to a whole new level. You need to check this out, you won’t be disappointed.

Air Force One Sneaker Speakers by Nash

I’ve seen a lot of crazy custom kicks, but these take the cake.  From what I can tell, they actually work as well.  How awesome would these be to have on display?  More looks after the jump.

Thursday Dopeness (35 Pics)

This should help your Thursday go by a little quicker.


Apple Releases New MacBook Pro

After much speculation Apple has finally revealed the new MacBook Pro Models. The new line of MacBook Pro notebooks includes a 13-inch ($1,199 USD), 15-inch ($1,799 USD) and 17-inch model ($2,499 USD). Both the 15-inch and 17-inch notebooks are equipped with quadcore Intel Core i7 processor, while the 13-inch features a dual-core Intel Core i5 and a dual-core Intel Core i7 version. The incorporation of the all-new Thunderbolt technology allows for high-performance peripherals and high-resolution displays to be connected to a single port with a data transfer rate of up to 10 Gbps. Also, a new widescreen format means FaceTime can now be used to make full-screen HD video calls that are clean and clear. Basically, these new MacBook’s are the sh*t and you should probably go buy one because your current notebook has now been rendered obsolete. And with the 13inch MacBook starting at $1200 dollars doing just that would be fairly affordable.


2012 Mercedes Benz CLS Class by BRABUS

With the Geneva Motor Show coming up in a few days, more and more cars are being previewed.  This time around we have a 2012 CLS model by Mercedes, with an upgrade package by BRABUS.  This thing would look mean in the streets.  Coupe’s are cool, but give me a sporty-looking sedan over a coupe anyday.

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