Nike Blazer – Jet Life Custom

JBF Customs just did a pair of Nike Blazers with a Jets theme inpsired by hip-hop emcee Curren$y.  $350 gets you a pair, and I have a feeling that they’ll go pretty fast.  Check out where to get them after the jump.


Rolls-Royce Apparition Concept

Lookin’ for a new Rolls?  If you are, but don’t want something that anyone else in the world has you might want to hit up Jeremy Westerlund.  He designed this concept that embodies past, present, and future Rolls-Royce models.  Definitely a clean little machine.

Sunday Funday Dopeness (39 pics)

Man I need some roids.  If I had some roids, I could just sneakhype all day and get jacked. 

Vans Syndicate x Tommy Gurrero Colab

The Vans Syndicate has a long track record of pumping out fresh colabs and this new murdered out hookup with Tommy Guerrero is one of their best.  Vans brings in the Old Skool and Slip-On versions of the Decon S silhouette made with a premier perforated leather with little hints of white stitching that adds to the value and interest of the shoe.  These kicks are available but in extremely limited numbers at authorized Syndicate dealers like Premier.

Land Rover Defender – X Tech Edition

Forget a Jeep, I need a Land Rover Defender.  Anything that can handle the off-road terrain, and offer style is a plus in my book.  This seems like the type of vehicle you only see in a James Bond movie though.  You can purchase it, however it’s only available in Europe.

Some Dopeness (37 pics)

“Artists and musicians… they express themselves, their emotions, and their inner struggles through their work.  Me… I express myself through dopeness.  Thine keyboard is my instrument and thine monitor is my canvas.” – EG of

The Superfishal Zodiac Collection

Artist Jeremy Fish released a brand spankin’ new line of tees with the Upper Playground crew.  Each tee ($24) has a creepy zodiac animal graphic concocted by Mr. Fish himself.  The artsy astrological designs are available in both men’s and women’s sizing here.  Jeremy even chose the tee color based on the zodiac sign.  Is he the Zodiac Killer?  I think so…

Salvador Dali Museum

Just recently opened in St. Petersburg, Florida, is the Salvador Dali Museum.  The building is 68’000 square feet, and is twisted & curved all over the place.  Architecture like this is just mind-blowing to say the least.

Nike Air Trainer 1 – Spring ’11

Mark another one on the board for the Sneakhype colorway.   A timeless shoe from Nike, the Air Trainer 1, is one of the many staples in the Nike line-up.  These two colorways are both available now, purchase info after the jump.


Tuesday Dopeness (33 pics)

Stick em up! 

Verizon is Officially Getting The iPhone 4

After years of speculation, Verizon & Apple just announced that the almighty device is coming to Verizon in early February.  Go ahead and get in line now, it’s going to be crazy once these hit stores.  You can check out a liveblog from the Verizon event this morning over at Phone Scoop.

Mercedes Benz – SLS AMG E-Cell

I absolutely need this car in my life.  It has a Sneakhype-esque colorway going on, and it’s a Benzo.  Also, it seems to be pretty friendly to the environment.  Don’t let this hybrid fool you though, it’s still packing 526HP, and will go from 0 to 62 in just 4 seconds.  Yeah, I want it.

Bespoke Air Force 1’s – Frank The Butcher & Deon Point

Two new Bespokes that just came out of 21 Mercer in NY.  These were designed by Frank & Deon of Concepts.  I’m feeling them both, but I think Deon’s are more my style.

Sunday Funday Dopeness (37 pics)

SNEAKHYPE is now hiring for a new intern.  I’m looking for a personal chef.  You can use the company credit card to go buy ingredients at Wal-Mart (but you better bring me the damn receipts or it’s your ass), and then just 2 maybe 3 meals a day plus good snacks like beef jerky and puppy chow.  Fridge needs to stay stocked with brews and Capri Suns.  Send applications (photo and resume) to: submit [at] sneakhype [dot] com.  Yes I’m serious.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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