Monday Dopeness (38 pics)

Dopeness is a science.

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Win $150 in Free Gear from

If you don’t already know, Sneakhype is here to tell you that JackThreads is the illest online clothing outlet out there.  If you’re unfamiliar, get familiar — and what better way to do so than to have 100 bucks to blow? 

A Look Into Skype Corporate Headquarters

Something that’s always been interesting to me is seeing where some of the popular companies of today do their daily hustle & bustle.  These are the corporate headquarters for Skype that was designed by WAM.  Not as crazy as I was hoping, but still pretty dope.

The Octopus Chair (11 pics)

You walk into your friend’s house glance around the living room and your eyes catch a bulbous mass of tentacles in the corner.  What the feck is that?  It’s the most random piece of furniture your peepers have ever had the pleasure of spying. Ladies and gents, Spanish artist Maximo Riera presents the Octopus Chair. One of over fifteen animal/ furniture amalgamations he’s created that will forever put your Ikea couch to shame.

Villa Amanzi in Phuket Thailand

Aw Phuket!!! That’s where this ginormous dream villa is located.  I knew Thailand was special, the beaches, the culture, the… lady boys, but I never knew they had the most insane cliff-side home ever.  Villa Amanzi is a work of architectural art with ridiculously beautiful surroundings, add in a few brunzed boobies and butts, then you might as well slap some pearly gates on the front of this bitch because this place is heaven!


JGoods Sneaker Customization Kit

Tired of hitting the club looking and feeling fresh as a pine tree ready to impress the ladies only to see some Johnny two step rocking the exact same kicks as you?  Well now you never have to feel like your style has been copped again thanks to JGoods’ Sneaker Customization Kit.  (Damn, I feel like I’m on an infomercial, I should be getting paid for this).  Bust out your artistic talents with the Sneaker Customization Kit.  For $45 you get five jars of waterproof leather paint, an empty mixing jar, a paintbrush, 20 preparation wipes, and canvas carrying case.  Warhol would be proud.

The Red Box

One of our favorite things to show you has got to be ballin’ pads.  Here we have a look at a sweet little home in Los Angeles, designed by Jeremy Levine.  It’s called ‘The Red Box’ for obvious reasons.  Check out our whole section of dope homes & architecture here.


Thursday Dopeness (38 pics)

This Dopeness makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside… and it makes my down belows all tingly.


Kaws Light Bulbs

Every true bachelor knows one of the key elements to a legit bachelor pad is lighting.  You got to have some seriously swanky lighting going on.  If you don’t want to install new fixtures or do any crazy make-overs, these light bulbs would probably come in handy.  Three different colors, 1000 sets, so you’ll have to get ‘em quick.

Hump Day Dopeness (39 pics)

Fun fact: In men’s NCAA basketball, preseason rankings put the Kansas State University Powercats at #3 in the nation.  They have lost 5 of their last 9 games.  Another (completely irrelevant) fact: The University of Kansas Jayhawks remain unbeaten in the 2010-2011 season and are ranked #2 in the country.  These are just the facts. 

Nike Sportswear X Kobe Bryant – Destroyer Jacket

Well it looks like the best player currently in the NBA hooked up with Nike to design a Destroyer jacket.  The thing I love about the Destroyer’s are the attention to detail, they look flawless in every sense of the word.  I could see myself rockin’ this one for sure.

Air Jordan VII – Bordeaux

I’ve a lot of people say that these are there favorite pair of J’s.  I’m just not sure that I can agree with that, they are super clean though.  These are expected to release in April, I’m sure they’ll be a highly sought out pair.

Video Games Vs. Real Life

Something about these photos that I just find highly amusing.  They were done by designer & illustrator, Aled Lewis.  I’m pretty sure I know what video games most of these are from, except for a couple.

Creepiosity: The Creepiest Book Ever Written (23 pics)

The world is full of creepy things and up until now you had to make the drive (or bus ride) to Walmart to see most of them.  Thanks to David Bickel and his new book Creepiosity, A Hilarious Guide to the Unintentionally Creepy all you have to do is turn the page.  A one stop shop attack on your peepers, this paperback is a page turner to say the least.  Creepiosity hoards together all the worlds unintentional creepy (mostly hilarious) images and slaps them in one 192 page literature-gasm, covering 100 of the most disturbing everyday sights such as grown men in Boy Scout uniforms, fish with people faces and old people with really long hair.  Snatch your book at David’s website Creepiosity.

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