Tuesday Dopeness (37 pics)

I’m eating a bowl of Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats in my pajamas.  Just another day on my grind at the office…

Featured Artist – Iain Crawford



“Yogi Bear” Alternate Ending

Just watch it. 

Crooks & Castles X Good Wood – Medusa Medallion

Crooks and Castles recently got together with Good Wood to turn their signature Medusa graphic into a wooden medallion. It is available now in black or red at the Crooks and Castles online shop. More pictures after the jump.


LeBron James’ Miami Mansion

As we all know LeBron James recently took his talents to South Beach and he now resides in this luxurious Mansion. The 12,000 square foot crib has all the amenities, including a wine cellar, home theater, and a view of the ocean from every room, but honestly I was expecting a little more from Bron Bron. His castle in Cleveland was almost three times as big at 33,000 square feet and it had a Casino and bowling alley. Hopefully this is just a starter house and LeBron is going to upgrade as soon as he gets a ring. I’m hoping so. Take a closer look after the jump.


Music Monday : The Cool Kids – Big Talk (Video)

This Monday brings you a music video edition for this week’s track. The Cool Kids have been bangin’ out songs that you can straight nod your head to for some time. Their new track ‘Big Talk’ is not much different, and now it gets some dope visuals.

Monday Dopeness (43 pics)

Here we go.  Too many hot chicks today?  Perhaps… perhaps not.

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Giveaway – FLuD Watches – Wooden Big Ben

Maybe our best giveaway yet — 2 new Wooden Big Bens by FLuD.  Ah, these are so sick.  Click for details. 

The Big Butt Book & The Big Book Of Legs

This is the gift for the guy or girl that has everything.  “The Big Butt Book” and “The Big Book Of Legs” cost around 40 bones each but you get a lot of bang for your buck because each has around 400 pages of pictures, interviews, and lots of other stimulating goodies that will surely tickle your fancy.  Pick yours up at any place fine literature containing scantily clad women is sold. I dig that wagon you’re draggin.


AWESOME: Miley Cyrus Tripping Out On Salvia (Video)

Uh-Oh….looks like Miley had a bad trip. 


Dr. Dre – Kush Ft. Snoop Dogg & Akon (Video)

Dr. Dre just dropped the video for his new single Kush off of Detox. It looks like the long awaited album might actually be released sometime soon. Check it out.

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon (Trailer)

The trailer shows no sign of Shia LaBeouf nor vixen co-star, Megan LaDoMeNow, but you can still bet your ass I’m seein’ it next summer.

Hand Cursor Magnets ($15)

It’s like fingerbanging your refrigerator.  And who doesn’t like a good ol’ fingerbang as a stocking stuffer? 

Thursday Dopeness (44 pics)

POW, right in the kisser. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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