Friday Dopeness (35 Pics)

And God said, “let there be dopeness”, and there was dopeness.


Ferrari World – World’s First Ferrari Theme Park

This isn’t your fathers theme park. This is the brand new Ferrari theme park, the first of its kind. Located in Abu Dhabi, it is the world’s largest indoor amusement park covering an area that could fit 7 football fields. Another world’s largest, the Ferrari emblem on its roof, measured 213 feet in length or about an area of 7 basketball courts combined. However, this amusement park does have rides as well,  and Ferrari World has some of the best. The main attraction is Formula Rossa. Clocking in at 150 mph, it is the world’s fastest roller coaster. The idea behind this ride is to produce  the same G-force a real Formula 1 driver would experience during competition. But there are also more kid-friendly rides, such as a kids driving school and a carousel with Ferrari prototype cars. Next time I’m in Abu Dhabi I’m definitely hittin’ this up.

MUNITO Headphones – Huge Discount

Check this out: I know a guy who knows thee guy that can offer the mad discounts on some of the baddest headphones on thee market.  And you know me, so now you know a guy that knows a guy that knows the guy that can get you 70 bucks off these bad babies. 

Nike Sportswear Lunar Orbit+

I usually don’t go for the  slip-on-type shoes but I am actually diggin’ these quite a bit. Its probably the cool photography and light graffiti that makes these look so dope but whatever, I still want them. Take a closer look after the jump.

Thursday Dopeness (38 pics)

Sunday Monday, Happy Days.  Tuesday Wednesday Happy Days!  Thursday Dopeness biiitch. 

The World’s Dopest Cooking Schools

If you want to be the next Emeril, Rachel Ray, or whoever is the hot cook nowadays.  I’m guessing you’ll probably need to hit up one of these fine institutes.  These schools reside in places such as San Diego, Sydney, and Mexico.  I must say, I’m somewhat tempted to become a chef after checkin’ these out.


iPhone Icon Battery

Not gonna lie, this is pretty genius. Basically this little guy plugs into the bottom of your iPhone, extending the battery life up to 3 hours on talk-time, and 18 hours on audio playback. The reason I like it so much is because it resembles the battery icon when charging your iPhone or iPod. The amount of bars it shows also reflects how much battery is left. Pretty neat right?

Hump Day Dopeness (37 Pics)

Happy hump day.


Oregon Ducks Reveal BCS National Championship Uniforms

Its my belief that if you look cool and feel cool while playing a sport than you will be better at that sport. It is also my belief that if you look cooler than your opponent you will feel superior to them as well. This must be why Oregon is best team in college football and headed to the BCS National Championship game against Auburn this year. They easily have the dopest uniforms in college football so you know there has been a lot of hype surrounding the jersey’s they’ll be wearing during the National Championship game. And after a lot of anticipation Nike has finally revealed the uniforms Oregon will be wearing during the game and I must say that I feel sorry for Auburn. They got brand new everything. Fresh from head to toe. Auburn on the other hand got some special cleats from Under Armour….

KR3W – The Navigator Watch

New watch from KR3W, the Navigator. Available in 4 colorways and priced at an affordable $100 bucks. Pretty dope if you ask me. Take a look at the other colorways after the jump.


Learn Japanese Faster Than Rosetta Stone?

It’s like having a private Japanese tutor in your home with you.  She’s so smart! 


Pharrell’s Miami Bachelor Pad

Yesterday we showed you LeBron James’ recently acquired Miami mansion and I admit I was hatin’ on his spot a little bit. I thought that he could have got something much more baller, especially with his budget. To prove my point, today I am going to show Pharrell’s new Miami crib which cost him a cool $14 million dollars. Not only is the pad itself amazing, but Pharrell’s collection of artworks by Kaws, Takashi Murakami, and Keith Haring  is pretty impressive as well. I think it’s safe to say that Pharrell’s spot is definitely more fly than King James’. My advice to James would be to hire Pharrell’s decorator. Take a closer look after the jump.

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Playboy X Tron Photoshoot

Hugh Hefner just turned a bunch of nerdy Tron fanatics fantasies into a reality. Before you proceed to this amazing gallery I must warn you that it does contain some Tron titties, so be prepared. Check it out. 

Air Jordan 13 (XIII) – White/Red

Air Jordan has been good to us this Holiday season.  They are gearing up to release the third colorway of the Retro 13’s in the last two months. But this colorway is creating more hype than the rest and will probably sell-out quicker than the previous colorways, so all you sneakerheads out there need to stack up your cash up and get in line early. These drop this Saturday, December 18th. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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