Hump Day Dopeness (36 pics)

All I want for Christmas is Dopeness. 

There was a lunar eclipse last night?

Thanks for telling me guys.  The music in this video is whack, but it’s worth seeing. 

Nike SB – January 2011 Collection

I feel like we haven’t shown you anything from Nike SB in ages.  Fear not though, I have a look at their collection for January.  Most of this collection is pretty clean, and simple.  Diggin’ it a lot.

Openaire Laptop Workstation

This is basically the ultimate on-the-go package for any person that doesn’t stay in one spot very long during the day.  It’s a case, it’s a chair, it’s the all-in-one Openaire laptop workstation.  I don’t know that I would ever want one of these, but it definitely seems pretty nifty.  I like the wood accents as well, not sure about the green color though.

Tuesday Dopeness (33 pics)

Uh hah.  You know what it iiiis. 

Porsche Bobsleigh

The prestigious auto-maker Porsche has found a way for you to blow $265 playing in the snow.  Since most of the northern hemisphere is currently encased by frigid snow and ice you just might be looking for ways to get from place to place that don’t involve bustin’ out the old snow shovel.  Get your mittens on the Porsche Bobsleigh and have the dopest sled this side of the autobahn.

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College Term Paper Written About SNEAKHYPE (+21 pics)

Kansas University student, loyal Sneakhyper, and distinguished scholar who wishes to remain anonymous under the alias “Wet Wet” repped SNEAKHYPE — harder than perhaps it has ever been repped — when (s)he submitted a term paper written about sneakhype this past finals week.  Read the entire A+ paper here:  


The Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex (Feat. Akon)

These guys make the most pointless, but still the most hilarious songs & videos I’ve ever seen.  Akon on the chorus is classic.  I can’t stop laughing.

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Holiday Shopping Guide 2010

For all you procrastinators out there, I have put together a list of a few deals that will help you get that special someone a gift they love, and just in time for Christmas day.

Crooks & Castles Holiday ’10 Footwear

Crooks & Castles just dropped a whole collection of shoes for this holiday season, and they’re all fairly dope.  Glad to see a good mix of colorways & styles, Crooks always keeps it pretty fresh.  Check all the shoes out after the jump.

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Music Monday : Sneakhype Presents… Arkutec – Revisions

We have a special edition of Music Monday this week.  We teamed up with a local producer by the name of Arkutec for his first solo project titled ‘Revisions’.  The project features 12 tracks.  Definitely something dope for your ears.  Download the whole project after the jump, and enjoy!

Monday Dopeness (34 pics)

Hey did everyone see that Kansas State scored 44 points in a loss to Florida this weekend?  Let it be known that SNEAKHYPE was born and raised on the campus of the University of Kansas (Big XII champs for I don’t know how many years in a row; 3-time National Champs, and hold more conference titles than any other team in history), and also let it be known that the K-State basketball team (never been a champion of anything, ever.  Seriously.) scored a total of 44 points this weekend.  Go powercats woo hoo!

Nike MVPuppets – Holiday Music Video

The MVPuppets are back.  “Merry Christmas BLITZen.” 


Google’s Body Browser

It’s like Google Earth for the human body.  I wonder how many 7-11 yr old boys (and me) will download this just to see some computer generated 3D tittaes.   

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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