Daft Punk Is The Sh*T

Many of you out there probably already know and appreciate how awesome Daft Punk is, but I never really got into them until now. I’ve been in France for the last 2 weeks and everywhere I go I hear their music and with the Tron Legacy movie coming out they’ve been all over the web as well. With all of this attention surrounding Daft Punk I started reading up on the group and listening to more of their music and have come to love them. Not only are they one of the most creative duos out right now but they inspire their fans to be creative too. So I decided to dedicate a post to them and their dopeness. Inside you’ll find their new music video, a chronicle of the groups music history, a guide to building your own DP Helmet, some dope pictures and more. Enjoy.

Thursday Dopeness (35 pics)

Anyone else gettin’ wasted on New Year’s Eve’s Eve?  Cheers to that.


Kanye West – Devil In A New Dress + Monster (Music Videos)

Today we got two music videos off of Kanye’s new album. The first is the video for “Devil In A New Dress.” Although this is an unofficial music video, it’s definitely a very well-done piece.  This is one of my favorite tracks of Yeezy’s album, it was directed by Yonie.  It’s pretty cool to see someone put what they took from the track into visuals. The second video is for “Monster” featuring Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Nicki Minaj. Apparently it was leaked early and this is an unfinished version but it will have to hold you over until the official visuals drop. Its an interesting video to say the least but I wouldn’t expect anything else from Mr. West.

Nike Lunar Spider

To call these Nikes unique is a bit of an understatement, kind of like saying Charlie Sheen sort of likes hookers and blow…  With all the color pop and contrast on the new Lunar Spiders you’ll  look like you’re running even when you’re standing still or at very least you’ll convince your friends and everyone else who sees you that you’ve given up on matching.

BBC & Ice Cream Spring ’11 Releases

New collection from Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream for Spring next year.  Usually, I’m a little iffy on their gear, but this collection turned out really dope.  The whole collection officially releases on January 2nd of the new year.  Check the whole line after the jump.

Hump Day Dopeness (38 pics)

Dopeness is back.  Baby got back.

Ceramic Skate Art

Spanish designer Alex Trochut is putting an artistic spin on the old kick push skateboard.  Most of the pieces in his Apparatu Collectionlook as though they were melted or at very least sat on by Kim Kardashian… The pop colors and ceramic work is reminiscent of MOMA exhibits in fine cities everywhere. 

iPhone Controlled Beer Cannon Fridge

Man who designed this: you are my f–kin hero. 

Creep Street – Holiday Lookbook ’10

You like attractive ladies, right?  Yeah, of course you do.  Well there are a couple of them in this dope lookbook from Creep Street.  Collection looks pretty solid overall.  You can check out their shop here.

Photography by Andrew Zuckerman (27 photos)

Probably the best photography of creatures.  Ever. 


Nike Vault – Zoom Kobe VI Terrarium

This is a huge mamba snake that was set-up in the Nike vault at the Staples Center in LA for the Christmas day game against Miami.  It was supposed to scare the Heat, or something like that.  Obviously didn’t work, but still looks pretty sick right?  Check out the snake after the jump.

18th Century Church Now A Home

Apparently, a popular thing to do these days is buy a church, and then turn it into a house.  I don’t know why you would choose this one, right next to a cemetry.  Good luck sleeping well.  Other than that, it’s actually pretty sick though.

Medicom Mickey Mouse “Roen” Toys

Crazy dope new toys from Medicom.  Called the “Black on black”, Mickey Mouse as the subject, can’t get much better.  Look for these to drop sometime in February of ’11.  There’s three different finishes they will be released in.  Tone on tone, matte, and gloss.  More looks after the jump.

Nike Air Royal Mids

Are you ready to relive the 80’s?  Nike is and they’re making retro flashbacks easier and more fashionable every day.  Their new Air Royal Mids bring classic basketball styling together with some fresh color pop.  Pick yours up at select retailers in 2011.  Just leave the short shorts at home.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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