Hump Day Dopeness (39 pics)

You know I always bring the heat on Hump Day. 

Incase – Perforated Snap Collection

Incase just droppity dropped a new perf collection for a wide array of Mac products including: iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod touch.  The new perforation features fatty holes that increase not only the diameter of the dots, but also the diameter of the dopeness.  <– They call that alliteration my friends.  I went to college once. 

James Bond 007: GoldenEye on the Wii

Shablam!  A childhood favorite remade for the Wii?  Too bad I don’t have 6 hours a day to kill like I did when I was 8 years old, because if I did, I would school all of you in some online multiplayer with my silenced Golden Gun.  This game dropped two weeks ago — not sure how I missed the memo.  Readily available on Amazon now for about 45 bucks. 

Turn Your DNA Into Art

This company (DNA 11) sends you a cotton swab Q-tip to collect your DNA, then they run it through the hemoglobulin machine to collect your Hapologroups and hermaphrodites and then they scan those into the incubator and project the results onto some x-ray canvas that you can then hang in your living space.  Bet it looks cool under a black light.  Though very dope and personalized, it runs a bit steep at 440 bucks.  But I’m sure, as a Sneakhyper, your pockets are swollen with cash and you could find $440 in your couch cushions. 

Tuesday Dopeness (30 Pics)

Dopeness. Better late than never.

Old Spice Spoof with Rosie Jones

Oh you liked those Old Spice commercials, did ya? Well, they got nothing on this spoof featuring Rosie Jones. Just watch the video.


The Boom Case by Mr. Simo

Absolutely the dopest stereos that I’ve ever seen for your iPod or iPhone.  Not only do they all look extremely dope, but they’re pretty practical.  They can last 8+ hours off one charge, and also have an option to stay plugged in during use.  Which one’s your favorite?

Throw Some D’s On That Ish

Some nerds put some fatty rims on a Segway.  Apparently it makes it capable of traveling at a ‘blistering’ 25 mph and also gains a lot of attention and jealousy from mere humans using their legs for common urban transport.  Legs… HA!  What losers… 

Hey ‘shellwig’ – Here you go… (28 images)

After posting a stoner’s-dream-come-true of an abstract art video, Sneakhyper ‘shellwig’ commented and asked for still pictures from the vid.  Ask and you shall receive Sneakhypers. 

Monday Dopeness (33 pics)

It’s gonna be a great week, Sneakhypers.  To make it better, submit your dopeness and anything else to: submit [at] sneakhype [dot] com. 

Top 5 Dunks of November

This month has already seen some nasty slamma jammas.  Check out my faves. 

Music Monday : Gilbere Forte – Push The Bar (Feat. Ab-Liva)

‘Track Of The Week’ is finally back, and I’m goin’ to be servin’ up a double dose today.  For the first track we have a recent favorite artist of mine, Gilbere Forte.  He linked up with Society Original Products for this one, and it’s definitely dope.

The SNEAKHYPE iPhone 4 Case by Case-Mate

Boom.  Your website really isn’t doin anything until you have your own iPhone 4 case.  You may recall a post we put up on the company Case-Mate… that allows you to design your own iPhone, Blackberry (and other) cases.  Well they hooked us up with a SNEAKHYPE case.  You can get one, too.  They’re 40 bucks. 

Friday Dopeness

You already know what it is…

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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