Andre Johnson: 1. Cortland Finnegan: 0.

Andre Johnson whoops Cortland Finnegan. Andre owners should get fantasy points for this.


LeBron – Bitch Move?

I, too, would be super pissed if my team with lofty expectations was was 9 and 8, I got free back massages every day, I was born a super-human, and made one hundred thousand dollars a day, 365 days a year.  Such is the life of LeBron James — and thus arguably justifies his passive/aggressive shoulder bump into Miami Heat head coach, Erik Spoelstra, after sucking it up against Dirk and the Mavs last night.


Takashi Murakami was at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade?

I suppose it’s pretty cool that an artist that was once only popular on blogs and in urban culture is now getting mass-media attention and mainstream acceptance.  It’s also strange to think that generations from now, when our grandchildren are taking Art History classes, they’ll be learning about KAWS and Takashi.  And I’ll say to my little ones: “Them artists weren’t shit until I done posted ‘em on SNEAKHYPE.  And that’s a true story damnit.  Run and tell that homeboy.  Now fetch gramps a brewski.” 


Nike Livestrong 2011 Footwear – Video Preview

Lance and the gang at Nike have a fresh footwear lineup lined up for 2011. 

Macro Photography of Eyeballs

These balls look all crusty and bumpy up close. 

Black Friday Dopeness (42 pics)

Putting this gallery together was the most physical activity I’ve done all day.  And I did it all for you. 

Blake Griffin Is Good At Basketball

I spent 45 minutes making this GIF, so it gets its own post. 

Thanksgiving Dopeness

It’s Thanksgiving, and at Sneakhype we’re thankful for dopeness… especially when it includes scantily clad women.  Gobble Gobble.


SURFBANG Store Now Open

SNEAKHYPE sister-site SURFBANG just opened it’s online doors for biznass.  Support your favorite website’s favorite website and pick up some stickers for 5 bucks (that includes shipping folks).  Now how dope would an online SNEAKHYPE store be?  You ready for it?  Stay thirsty my friends… 

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26 Pics Of Chicks With Kicks

The “chicks with kicks” theme might be played out but I never get tired of looking at smokin’ hot girls wearing Jordans.

Hump Day Dopeness (39 pics)

Special edition Thanksgiving dopeness… Tomorrow.  Be here. 

RumbaTime Watches

Hard to argue with 20 bucks for one of these.  The new ones have a light.  And they’ve got about 30 styles, in any color you could want.  This holiday season, RumbaTime is donating a watch to charity (Toys For Tots) for each watch sold.

Happy 18th Birthday Miley Cyrus

Hugs, kisses, and 18 birthday spanks from the Sneakhype crew to you, sweetie.  Enjoy this animated gallery.  …Now we just wait until February when damsel Victoria Justice turns 18.

Electricity-free iPhone Dock

Electricity is so overrated.  I’m not even using it right now.  So why should I when I’m blasting tunes from my iPhone?  I shouldn’t, and that’s why I’m bout to cop a Koostik for 85 bucks — the piece of wood with sound channels that amplify the sound emitted from your tiny phone speakers. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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