Nixon 42-20 Chrono Watches – Holiday ’10

It’s officially cold as balls outside now, and right on cue, Nixon has dropped 3 new wintery colors of their popular 42-40 Chrono.  They range from $350-$500 and you can pick them up now over at Nixon’s webstore.

Dell Inspiron Duo ($550)

Just in time for the holidays, Dell is making those-about-to-purchase-an-iPad-or-MacBook-Air think twice.  This thing functions as a full laptop (with webcam and mic), but then flipparooskis into a tablet pad touch-screen panty dropper.  You can also grab a JBL audio docking station that allows it to function as a photo display, alarm clock, or bitchin’ boom box.  It comes with Windows 7.  Seems like a lot of ballin features for a very aggressive price. 

Google Street View Art (43 photos)

From hookers and handguns to beaches and beautiful scenery, artist Jon Rafman has captured a portfolio of imagery all taken from Google’s cameras.  His work has been featured in art museums across the US. 

Tuesday Dopeness (35 Pics)

So much dopeness, so little time.

Blackbox – Wooden Macbook Pro Case

I know, another Apple accessory right?  You know you like ‘em though.  This one is extremely dope, I probably say that a lot.  What else would I say though?  We are your daily dose of dopeness, after all.  $129, and it can support up to 60 pounds without crushing your precious Macbook Pro.  Purchase info after the jump.

Nike Foamposite – Sneakhype Slime Green

Bout damn time they made some Foamposites in the Sneakhype slime green colorway.  Nike has just introduced the latest Foamposite Pro colorway, the Electric Green Foamposite shell is best associated with the Kryptonate colorway made famous by Nate Robinson.

Monday Dopeness (44 pics)

[Insert clever quip and then hit readership in the face with the dopeness.] 


Nature Rules (17 Pics)

So peaceful. All I need now is a cold glass of lemonade and some freshly ground chronic.

“CRAZY” (9 photos)

Some European dudes got some paint out and took some pictures.  They called it “CRAZY”.  Bet that was a bitch to clean up. 


Kid Cudi – Mojo So Dope (Video)

Kid Cudi just released some new visuals for his track “Mojo So Dope” off his latest album. I love montages, they are always very inspiring. Take a look after the jump.

Music Monday : B. Rossi – Change (Prod. by Arkutec)

I’m pretty excited for this week’s edition of Music Monday. We have a track off of the upcoming compilation project we are hosting with the producer, Arkutec, titled ‘Revisions’. The artist on the track is B. Rossi, and I’m really diggin’ this one.  He recently dropped a mixtape you can download here.

La Boite Laptop Desk

Working from a laptop on a ginormous desk really isn’t that practical.  Instead, downsizing to a smaller desk opens up much-needed room for speakers (and I know how much you like to feel the bass bump when you’re rockin’ to Justin Bieber on iTunes).  La Boite Concept has fixed that problem in a stylish package with their LD 120.  You can buy one online here for 980 Euro — which is probably like 4 American dollars because the dollar kicks the Euro’s ass.  ‘Merica.  Fuck yeah.

Sunday Funday Dopeness (37 pics)

Usually I don’t do dopeness on Sundays… but since I haven’t made it off the couch since I woke up this morning, I was somehow able to find the time. 

The iPhonophone

Another passive (electricity-free) speaker amplification apparatus for the iPhone.  Looks cool, but I’d rather plug mine into a Bose dock and actually bump somethin. You can get yours for 200 dollars here. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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