Mountain Dew Green Label Art: Shop Series

The-only-skater-that-corporate-America-will-do-business-with-aside-from-Sean-White… Paul Rodriguez hooked up with Mountain Dew and 35 different skate shops across the country to all contribute to the Mountain Dew Green Label Art: (Skate) Shop Series contest.  Over a million votes were cast and the winning shop, Street Science (based in St. Tracy, CA) won $10K, got 15 minutes of fame, and their can is going to be used all over the country.  Honestly, I think all these cans are ill and they should just produce them all.  Granted, my (limited) business sense tells me that the manufacturing costs of setting up 35 different can-prints probably isn’t the most profitable course of action.  Regardless, props to Mountain Dew for getting involved with local shops and doing some things against the grain of the aforementioned standard corporate America practices. 


Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go (Video)

Mike Posner just released the video for his latest single off of 31 Minutes To Take Off. Pretty Dope. Check it out.


ColorWare – iPad Grip

ColorWare does some dope stuff for your electronics, honestly this could be an extremely useful one as well.  I don’t have an iPad nor any other Apple products.  I can’t lie though, I want them all.  I’ll also take all the accessories that go along with them.  You can grab these nifty little grip cases here.


Incase X Paul Rodriguez Signature Collection

Incase and P-Rod have just launched a new signature collection. Combining innovative materials and premium construction with P-Rod’s experience as a professional skateboarder and world traveler, it delivers premium durability, protection and functional design. The Collection consists of a new Duffel Bag and a redesigned Skate Pack. Get yours at the Incase website now. Check out some more pictures and a video after the jump.

Tuesday Dopeness (37 pics)

I’m going to dub this dopeness collection: “Animals Edition”.  Got some wildlife for ya to take a gander at.

The Perfect Angle

It seems every chick with a nice rack has figured has figured out that this angle really accentuates their breasts. Here is a collection of the best shots on the web.



Do you have 4 minutes and a bowl of chronic?  Prepare to have your mind blown.  HD and full-screen are a must. 


Submit Your Kicks

Aright Sneakhypers… We wanna know who has got the freshest kicks on the squad.  Send in a picture of your kicks and tell us who you are and rep your city.  Ladies… we wanna see the sexiest stilettos you got.  We’re accepting submissions until Friday (Oct. 22).  Then we’ll post all the submissions and decide who’s the biggest baller and/or flyest chica. Please email your pics to: submit (at) sneakhype.com.  Please title your email “SNEAKHYPE KICKS SUBMIT”

Animated Monday Dopeness (13 GIFs)

For the final installment of your Monday Dopeness, please enjoy these animations.  (Page will take a minute to load.)

Monday Dopeness Part II (30 photos)

I’ve got a whole gang of this junk for ya today. 

Monday Dopeness (24 photos)

How about some mildly entertaining randomness to start off your week? 

Custom Cases for iPhone, BlackBerry, iPod, and iPad

Case-mate.com is now offering a wider variety of case options for several devices, as well as, picture upload for personalized protection of your electronics.  I had an iPhone case made through them when I had a 3GS, and it turned out great… also, the custom creation interface is awesome to mess with.  Check it out. 

A Close Up Look At Caterpillars

Caterpillars may be one of mother natures dopest creations. Not only do they come in a bunch of crazy designs and colors but eventually they will turn into Butterfly’s. Take a closer look after the jump.


Curren$y Ft. Fiend – Flying Iron (Video)

Curren$y just released a new video for his track “Flying Iron” featuring Fiend. Creativity Control did the video so you already know its gonna be dope. Pilot Talk 2 is coming soon. Check out the video after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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